The Art of Developing Young Talent

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    Agency Life, Inspiration

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    February 08, 2016

The Art of Developing Young Talent

Agency Life, Inspiration

Have you ever had a heart-to-heart with young college students about what they want in an internship? 

We did, and we loved what we heard. These young, talented people told us they want mentors. They want to work side by side with people who are really good at what they do. They said that while they’re not above brewing coffee and making copies, they want to work on real projects, too. They want an experience that’s collaborative yet champions their ideas. They want a culture that’s structured yet open. They want to be goal-oriented. Challenged. Inspired.   

That’s why we’re excited to launch FORM. 

So, what the heck is it?

What is FORM?

FORM is Wray Ward’s new full-time, paid summer internship program. It’s a hands-on experience inside the life of a creative marketing communications firm. It’s a stepping stone for young dreamers who are almost all grown up.  

Put simply, FORM is about creative immersion. It’s about educating and inspiring young talent by giving them a chance to do real, meaningful work alongside industry veterans.

This isn’t just any internship. Our FORM interns will never get bored. They’ll be challenged and tested while participating in the creative process.

Why are we doing it?

In our business, we depend on people with many different talents and skill sets. We have web developers, art directors, copywriters, media planners and public relations managers sitting together around a single table; in every case, the success of the project depends on what each individual brings to the fray and how they work as a team. 

With that said, the marketplace is more competitive than ever, and everyone wants to attract the best talent. Today, we’re not just competing with other agencies – we’re competing with corporate America. So we’re working harder than ever to ensure we have the best talent around that table.

We’re taking matters into our own hands by growing and developing our own talent. We want the best for FORM, and by giving our interns a great experience and building strong relationships with their colleges and universities, we’ll be giving them a reason to want to come back home down the road.

I’m excited, too, about what our FORM interns can do for the culture here. I’ve already had the opportunity to view a lot of early applications, and I think the people we hire will bring a spark in the shape of fresh ideas and youthful energy.

Why should young people get excited about creative careers?

If you’re passionate about photography or videography, copywriting or design, public relations or media planning, you can have a career in this industry. It’s always been a fantastic place to work, and it offers more opportunities now than ever before. It’s fun and fast-paced and inspiring. It’s where you can create and innovate and problem-solve on behalf of great brands. If you want the chance to do amazing work and work alongside amazingly talented people, I can’t think of a better place to do it.

I have a daughter heading off to college this fall, so I understand that parents want their kids to find something that makes them happy but also something they can shape into a career. FORM will infuse our industry with great talent, but it will also show young people – and their parents – that our jobs are just as promising as they are fulfilling. And that’s pretty remarkable.

Who should apply?

When we review FORM internship applications, we’ll be looking for a lot of the same qualities we value in our staff. We want passionate, talented, creative people who are ready to go to work, learn and grow this summer. The program will be competitive, so applicants need to be able to tell us how they’re different and why we should hire them. A great application will tell us a story about the applicant. Will you share your story in words? Pictures? Video? No matter how you express yourself, we’re anxious to see what you can do. 

If you’re interested in taking real-world problems, inventing solutions, and then figuring out how to transform your ideas into something tangible, you should apply. The deadline for our summer 2016 session is Feb. 29.

The future is bright. Will you be part of it?


Ready to tell us why you’re exactly what FORM needs? Apply now.

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