FORM Internship Reflections: The End of New Beginnings

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    July 23, 2021

FORM Internship Reflections: The End of New Beginnings

Agency Life Inspiration

The end of my FORM marketing internship is quickly approaching, and I’m both happy and sad. In the blink of an eye, eight long weeks have dwindled to a few final days. Along the way, my teammates and I have learned a tremendous amount about not only agency life and teamwork, but also each of our respective fields.

My take? We had fun this summer, but we also worked hard. Outside of our collaborative rebranding project for a client, we supported various agency departments and honed our professional skills.

We sometimes disagreed. Our ideas didn’t always come to life. We battled tight deadlines. We faced unforeseen scheduling changes. But through it all, we gained valuable, real-world experience while also making friends, professional connections and memories to last a lifetime.

The FORM class of 2021 recorded many firsts: We were Wray Ward’s first group of nine interns (expanding from the previous number of seven). The first group assembled after the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the internship in 2020. The first to work with an EmpoWWer partner. The first to work in Wray Ward’s new Thrift Road home. We had the agency’s first Insights and Photography interns. All of that left us with key lessons we can implement in our careers and our everyday lives. Here are just a few of the things we learned:

4 Things We Learned

Attend client meetings whenever you can.

Client meetings equal exclusive insights and a real feel for agency-client relationships. For example, Digital Media Intern Mitch Wolverton says sitting in on client calls helped him remember key takeaways.

Getting a front-row seat for the journey was also a plus. “It was so interesting to see the creative process from beginning to end,” said Copywriting Intern Nina Procopio.

Network with people in the office and at agency events.

Talking with someone you don’t already know serves as a great opportunity to connect, learn and grow. Project Management Intern Sarah Paden Mobley suggests taking advantage of the company culture here: “The connections you make can last a lifetime.”

Being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone can pay off, too. “Take advantage of being around such smart, motivated and talented professionals,” said Insights Intern Brooke Spencer. “I had so many great talks with the people who work here and learned so much just from sitting down with them for a 30-minute meeting.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, ask questions and learn from those around you!”

Challenge yourself.

It’s so important to ask questions and show interest during your time in any internship. Asking one simple question can lead to something truly rewarding. “Take advantage of the resources you have, and ask about projects you’re interested in,” said UX Design Intern Marina Gianakopoulos.

Having courage to stray away from the norm can take you places. “Being surrounded by so many creative people made me challenge myself to experiment with new editing techniques,” said Videography Intern Kyra Arendt.

Be true to who you are.

Believing in yourself and staying true to your personal brand will pay off in the long run. Remember, you are capable and can bring something to the table that no one else can!

Graphic Design Intern Ida Österman suggests being yourself. “This office has a nice, encouraging environment that praises individuality.”

Despite all of that education and hard work, FORM 2021 found time to have fun together outside of the office. Here are some of our favorite summer memories.

4 Things We Loved

Volleyball at Freedom Park

We did quite a few after-work activities that helped us bond, but volleyball was a fan favorite. We split into teams and put our game faces on. “It was a ton of fun getting everyone together to play a few sets,” Nina said. “Most of us didn’t know what we were doing, but we all gave it our best shot. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much!”

Pool Days

Our pool days were always relaxing and filled with conversation, and they included food! “Sitting back with a cold drink poolside was the perfect way to wind down after my work day,” Sarah said. “I also enjoyed Mitch’s grill skills!”

Game Nights

Game nights were also a hit. We all learned to play a new board game called Catan, which really tested our ability to strategize.

Client Presentations

Client presentations always caused a little bit of stress and anxiety, especially in the 11th hour, but once we actually got into the room with the client, the ideas flowed. Getting praise and support from real professionals after all of our efforts was rewarding. “It was really cool to see how each of our disciplines were utilized in every presentation we completed,” Brooke said.

Putting It All Together

If you’re a student thinking about a career in marketing, I’d recommend FORM 1,000,000%. In my time at Wray Ward, I’ve not only grown as an individual, but also as an emerging professional. I’ve made friends and connections that will last the test of time, and I’ll walk away with skills that I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to learn otherwise.

At the start of summer, I set three goals to achieve in my time here at Wray Ward: learn new skills and improve current ones, push my limits, and grow professionally and individually. I feel that I didn’t just succeed in those goals — I exceeded them. Overall, I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities.

Can you see yourself or someone you know at Wray Ward next summer? Visit the FORM website for more info about the program and how to apply.

Here’s to the start of another new beginning.

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