4 Things to Love About Wray Ward’s FORM Summer Internship

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    January 23, 2020

4 Things to Love About Wray Ward’s FORM Summer Internship

Agency Life

Ask any career counselor, parent, professional mentor or hiring manager about the importance of internships for current college students and chances are they’ll agree: Hands-on experience fosters the kind of knowledge and skills you just can’t get in a classroom.

If you’re a student looking for a paid, full-time summer internship where you’ll build your portfolio (and your post-graduation job prospects) by working on real projects, apply to Wray Ward’s FORM internship by February 24.

If selected for this highly competitive program, you’ll become a key part of our agency team, while also working closely with your fellow interns on a summer-long project for a client or community initiative. You’ll function just as a brand team, taking real-world problems, developing ideas and turning those ideas into solutions.

Wray Ward is recruiting interns for:

  1. Client engagement and project management
  2. Copywriting
  3. Digital media
  4. Graphic design
  5. Public relations/content
  6. UX design and development
  7. Video content development

Here are four important reasons to put your name in the hat, giving yourself a shot at a creative, life-altering opportunity.

1. Real-world experience.

      Need we say more? A good internship program will convert the academic knowledge you soaked up during 8 a.m. lectures and group projects and all-nighters into real-life skills companies will pay you to use.

      There’s nothing quite like being in the heat of the fire: Sure, you’ve sprinted to the TA’s office with that fresh-off-the-printer group project due by lunch or answered the last question on a 400-gazillion-question final with total confidence, but have you whipped up gorgeous banner ads or clever copy or sexy slide decks for a client presentation to decision-makers at a national brand? At Wray Ward, you’ll join forces with your FORM teammates and brand teams to deliver great work when the rubber meets the road.

      If you aced that Foundations of Graphic Design course last fall, congratulations! But have you designed a semester’s worth of digital ads or e-blasts for a client that will review your work, provide constructive feedback and maybe even use your ideas in their campaign? An internship like FORM is a golden opportunity to fine-tune your talents — and grow them.

      If you think internships are all about making copies and coffee, think again. When it comes to living, breathing client work, we’ll make sure you’re much more than an impressionable fly on the wall. Here, you’ll develop, flesh out and present your own ideas. You’ll get face time with our chief creative officer and creative directors.

      2. Exposure to the latest technologies and trends.

      Anyone with substantial experience in this business will tell you the landscape looks totally different than it did even two years ago. When you roll up your sleeves and start doing the work with any strong marketing communications internship program, you’ll get a crash course in all the latest trends and become a pro at even the most innovative, up-to-the-minute creative tools and media channels.

      3. Networking.

      When you intern at Wray Ward, you join a team of more than 100 smart, passionate and creative professionals who will in fact know about you when they see you in the halls. That’s a lot of contacts. So when you walk across the stage with your diploma and your FORM experience, you’ll have a wealth of confidence that you can tack that ‘References available upon request’ line onto your resume.

      4. Money.

      We will pay you actual money that you can put in the bank (or buy lunch or chip away at your student loans).

      Making sure our FORM interns get a real-work experience is important to us. It’s personally important to me, too, because I’ve seen the alternative. True story: On my son’s first day at his first internship, he walked up to his supervisor, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Stephen.” The supervisor’s response? “You are not Stephen. You are ‘Intern.’ And your desk is in the closet.” You could say Wray Ward’s FORM internship is everything my son’s first experience wasn’t.

      Ready to apply? Don’t wait till the last minute (we received more than 500 applications in 2019, so you want to give your eagle-eyed friend a chance to look everything over). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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