Don’t Knock the Print Newsletter

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    Content Marketing

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    November 21, 2019

Don’t Knock the Print Newsletter

Content Marketing

Before I joined Wray Ward, I spent eight years on the corporate marketing team at Novant Health, a large, integrated health system based in North Carolina. In addition to reaching physicians and patients with traditional and digital marketing tactics, I developed internal communications for the system’s nearly 30,000 employees spread across 13 hospitals and hundreds of physician practices and outpatient centers. I edited the print medical journal, wrote flyer copy and penned speeches for hospital presidents — anything that could help us reach the thousands of staff without regular access to company email.

Figuring out how to communicate with employees who rarely or never open Microsoft Outlook is a common challenge in health care, but it isn’t unique to that industry. From Wray Ward’s clients in the home and building category that include a manufacturing division or installer network, to our clients at Caiman Energy whose Blue Racer Midstream asset gathers natural gas produced in Ohio and West Virginia, many companies employ factory and field workers whose daily lives look nothing like a desk job.

That’s one of the principal reasons why Caiman Energy and Blue Racer turned to Wray Ward for help. Since 2018, we’ve written, designed and produced Pipeline, the company newsletter printed in magazine form three times per year. Within Pipeline’s pages, we’ve covered everything from financial reports and cryogenic plant expansions to custom earplugs for field workers and staff racing together on the ATV circuit.

It may not be as sexy as a national TV commercial or a beautiful website, but sometimes, a print newsletter like Pipeline is absolutely the best approach for reaching a diverse audience, particularly when much of that audience lacks regular access to email.

The gas controllers, measurement analysts and plant operators who are the heart and soul of Blue Racer depend on Pipeline to learn about their employer and fellow employees. Leadership in Caiman Energy’s Dallas office depends on Pipeline to serve as a vessel for sharing important news, communicating company values and strengthening staff relationships. And, two years into the game, we continue coming up with solutions for fresh content and engaging design, whether that means a Q&A-style article featuring a young, charismatic field engineering manager or a simple, hardworking sidebar that simplifies pipeline and facility trainings for staff in a heavily regulated, sometimes dangerous industry.

That’s a testament to not only the power of storytelling but also the Blue Racer staff who take pride in their work and love sharing it — and their culture — with others.

Have an idea for how print newsletters can help you achieve your marketing goals? Shoot me a note.

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