TOTO: Surprising

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TOTO: Surprising

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TOTO, the world’s largest toilet manufacturer, sought to drive product consideration and purchase intent for its WASHLET bidet among U.S. and Canadian consumers.

Project Overview

What We Did

TOTO, the world’s largest toilet manufacturer, sought to generate awareness for and interest in its bidet seat, called the WASHLET. We were charged to introduce the product to U.S. and Canadian consumers. Using primary and secondary research, we tightly defined optimal target audiences and designed strategies to convert prospects with the highest propensity to be interested in the bidet. We then identified the best environments and messaging to engage interest, and we continue to refine and optimize messages thanks to ongoing analytics. All communications drive traffic to, TOTO’s microsite that leads customers through the purchasing process.


We greatly outpaced industry benchmarks in terms of both conversion rates and brand engagement. We helped achieve 170% of the “Where to Buy” conversion goal and over 165 million paid media consumer impressions. With more than 1 million online engagements, website visits averaged 2.4 pages viewed per session. In addition, the video garnered over 135,000 YouTube views.
  • 170%

    “Where to Buy” conversion goal

  • 165,000,000+

    Paid media consumer impressions

  • 1,000,000+

    Online engagements

  • 2.4

    Pages viewed per session

  • 135,000+

    YouTube views

TV & Video

How do you tastefully depict the experience of using a WASHLET bidet seat? With a touch of humor, we filmed the faces of those enjoying a WASHLET for the very first time. Close-ups of their surprise, amusement and pleasure fill the frames on spots that ran on HGTV, the Travel Channel and digital media, generating viewer curiosity.


Good-humored messages complemented video images and product shots to introduce the WASHLET in the heart of Times Square.

Digital Advertising

Utilizing our video assets, we added messaging to create ads that ran through programmatic (Google Display Network and Google Video Network), YouTube, Facebook and digital print partners, all driving to This advertising generated nearly 139 million impressions and nearly 470,000 clicks. The highest converting digital message yielded a 32% conversion rate.

Social Media

Our social program was robust, utilizing organic approaches on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to promote the WASHLET’s benefits and features. From our campaign’s efforts to create an open conversation around the product, community management on Twitter provided organic engagement opportunities with celebrity influencers including John Legend, Busy Philips and Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk. Our Twitter conversation with Bobby alone garnered over 15,000 engagements.

Facebook and Instagram were selected as the ideal social platforms to reach the targeted audience through paid social, which allowed us to optimize the campaign based on top-performing messages. Using video and static messages, we alternately emphasized hassle-free, eco-friendly and heated-seat features of the WASHLET and generated nearly 9 million impressions, 90,000 clicked links and a 29% “Where to Buy” visit rate.