Our leaders and teams ensure that our work is better performing in every way.

Wray Ward is a dynamic team of smart, passionate and creative problem solvers.

Since we strongly believe a great idea can come from anyone and anywhere, we harness our energies as mutually respectful team members who contribute varied experiences and perspectives to every task. Our diverse, and talented team members have high aspirations and a desire to win, collaborate and communicate well, bring passion, creativity and energy to the work and hold themselves accountable for everything they do.

Our multidiscipline brand team model and we, not me core value keep us from working in silos.

Our teams are organized into six service areas.

  • Insights and Brand Strategy

    Our Insights and Brand Strategy team is with you from strategy development to performance measurement. Starting with market research and behavioral analytics to on-the-ground observations, our specialized and curious strategists, planners and analysts go beyond the surface to uncover opportunities, challenges and unique differentiators that lead to powerful ideas and more effective solutions. Then, we gather and visualize the metrics that most accurately show campaign performance, so we can constantly refine your plans, improve ideas and drive even greater results.

  • Connections

    With multichannel communication planners working side by side with media experts, public relations leaders, content, direct, e-commerce and social strategists, and SEO/SEM experts, our audience-centric activations deliver the right messages at the right time and through the right touch points. Through each ad, social post, article, video, email, influencer partnership or product listing, we connect every communication to your larger goals, collaborating across our entire agency to deliver results that can’t be ignored.

  • Creative

    Through the experience and imaginations of creative directors, designers, writers, digital strategists, UX designers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, animators and developers, we can envision every possibility and we have the talent to bring those ideas to life. From groundbreaking concepts to hardworking content, we collaborate closely with our clients and each other to ensure our work doesn’t just get attention — it’s optimized for every channel to drive the desired action and results, too.

  • Client Engagement

    Our Client Engagement team is our clients’ dedicated go-to partner and an extension of their marketing teams. Each client relationship is built on trust, respect and open and honest communication. With a deep understanding of the industry, business, brand and goals, the Client Engagement team leads our brand teams through the process of planning, designing and building innovative solutions, with a focus on delivering meaningful results.

  • Project Management and Resourcing

    Exceptional delivery is critical to the success of any marketing program, especially considering the need to nimbly execute across constantly emerging channels and opportunities. Our detail-oriented Project Management and Resourcing team is responsible for flawless execution, finding effective and efficient ways to bring creative solutions to life, informing and connecting our teams, and ensuring the right tools and resources are in place to start and finish projects on time and on budget.

  • Operations and Finance

    Working diligently behind the scenes, our HR, ops, tech, finance and administrative staff make sure our ship is sailing smoothly every day of the week. This team contributes their energy, ideas and experience to providing the talent, resources, processes and technology that our teams need to deliver smart and creative solutions to our clients. They are also a knowledgeable resource for our clients, providing customized, timely, clear and accurate financial reporting and billing.