Time to Rewind: 2022 FORM Internship Reflections

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    August 11, 2022

Time to Rewind: 2022 FORM Internship Reflections

Agency Life Inspiration

Just like that, my 10 weeks as a Wray Ward FORM intern are coming to a close. I could have never imagined the journey this internship would take me on. Knowing that my new friends and I will go our separate ways in a few short days is a bittersweet feeling.

From Day One to Day 63, we have lived experiences and built lasting relationships that will stay with us long after we depart for our respective schools, hometowns or whatever comes next. We intentionally learned one another’s key strengths through Clifton StrengthsFinder workshops. We celebrated four intern birthdays and spent entire lunch breaks challenging one another to ping-pong matches. We stayed after hours to meet deadlines for our EmpoWWer service-grant client and ensured that each of our nine voices was heard throughout the process. The work was rigorous yet immensely rewarding. With the help of our supervisors and mentors, we honed our respective skills and brought our own magic to the table.

While it is difficult to sum up each and every thing we learned over the past 10 weeks, here are a few key lessons we are taking away:

5 Lessons Learned Along the Way

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

    You are surrounded by industry-leading professionals left and right who are willing to be resources for you. As a sprouting young professional, this is huge. Insights Intern Brad Spencer said: “The best thing you can do is ask questions. The more questions you ask, the better your chance of success will be on ANY assignment you have been given.”

    2. Be coachable and willing to learn.

      Look for ways to go above and beyond the initial ask to gain experience inside and outside of your department. At Wray Ward, the agency is your oyster, so take advantage of any opportunity to be curious.

      “Every conversation, every project and every interaction was a learning opportunity for me,” said Digital Media Intern Nia Pinckney. “As long as you are open to feedback and trying new things, you will learn so much during your time here.”

      3. Remember that flexibility is key.

        Prepare to pivot and adapt. Our team developed concepts, reconcepted, then reconcepted again all the way up to the day of our final presentation. “You have to detach yourself from your work sometimes to not take feedback personally and be flexible to change it,” said UX Design Development Intern Abby Conrad.

        4. Communicate and collaborate as a team player.

          Your team is here for you. Lean on each other and navigate hiccups together. Each person has an integral role to play to reach the end goal. The team’s successes are your successes, and the team’s shortcomings are your shortcomings.

          Video Intern Chul Park said: “I can proudly say that I learned so much from this internship. Not just on the video side, but also about how I should work as a team.”

          5. Embrace the fun!

            It is no secret that Charlotte is a fun city to explore. Members of our team enjoyed meals together, mini-golfed, roller-skated and even joined the Wray Ward bowling team. Take advantage of any and all opportunities you have to spend time together when you clock out. After all, you are only here for 10 weeks!

            If We Could Go Back to the Beginning

            So, what if we could rewind? What advice would we give our Week One selves?

            For Project Management and Client Engagement Intern Lindsay Batten, she would encourage herself to acknowledge her creativity. “I was intimidated by the number of creative minds around me and put myself down as not being ‘creative’ myself,” she said. “In reality, I am just creative in other ways and should have had more confidence in voicing my ideas throughout the campaign process.”

            “Although there will be curveballs and brand new experiences, it does not mean you cannot succeed just because you have never done them before. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will be able to see things through,” said Nia.

            If you are considering the FORM internship, do not count yourself out. At the start of the summer, I questioned why I was selected as a candidate in the first place. I now know that I was chosen for a reason and feel affirmed in my strengths and abilities. I have learned and grown more in the past 10 weeks than ever before, and my passion for public relations and content marketing has soared.

            While I cannot wait to step into this next chapter, I will always press rewind on my transFORMing internship experience.

            For an inside look into the FORM internship program, visit the FORM website and Instagram.

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