Smart Home Tech and Wellness Distinguish The New American Home®

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    Industry Trends

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    February 6, 2020

Smart Home Tech and Wellness Distinguish The New American Home®

Industry Trends

Each year at the International Builders’ Show, The New American Home displays the housing industry’s newest and most innovative technologies. The 2020 edition, a 6,428-square-foot home in Henderson, Nevada, shone a spotlight on consumers’ desire for smarter, healthier, more convenient living spaces.

We toured the space to see how well the show home aligns with marketplace trends our Insights team is tracking. Our take? The home’s design, décor and function support several themes that we think will continue to grow in 2020:

  • Home automation products and the wellness movement are on the rise: Now a near-$20 billion industry1, smart home technology is growing by 22% each year.
  • One quarter of homeowners desire homes that promote overall health2, helping grow wellness real estate to a $134 million industry in 2017 (with an additional 6% annual growth expected in the immediate future3).
  • Though people are spending more time indoors these days4, the majority of people say increased access to nature has a positive effect on their well-being5 and look for ways to bring nature inside.

This year’s New American Home packaged beautiful spaces with innovative products for the homeowner who wants technology that makes life easier. It also incorporated biophilic design elements and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Take a closer look:

The New American Home boasts neutral colors and clean, crisp lines, blending in with the desert landscape’s neutral tones. The exterior sets the tone for an interior that supports healthy indoor living.

An open-air entryway is filled with natural light and shallow pools of water.

The living space is open, with energy efficiency as its focus. With floor-to-ceiling windows, it has enough natural light to reduce dependence on electricity. A fireplace provides another natural element and helps create a welcoming space.

In the midst of linear architecture, calming blue tones fill the home for a tranquil mood.

The open floor plan connects the living room to the kitchen — home to top-of-the-line appliances including a gas range and two convection steam ovens. The ample counterspace is a chef’s dream.

The main kitchen in the home connects seamlessly to an outdoor kitchen through a sliding glass door that opens via smart control. Outside, a covered kitchen allows cooks to enjoy the outdoors while entertaining.

Since the back wall of the house is constructed from glass, the outdoor space feels connected to the interior. An infinity pool and natural décor, such as a turtle, greenery, a fireplace and a continuous blue theme, create a space centered on relaxation and wellness.

Shades of blue fill the home except in one suite where designers packed a red punch, creating a modern space dominated by red and black with gold accents. Touches of nature including this floral sink are a nod to biophilic design.

The bathrooms were constructed with wellness in mind. Natural light and nods to the outside, through paint choice and décor accents, create an indoor oasis.

VELUX® Sun Tunnel Skylights fill the home, tunneling natural light from the roof into different rooms. The energy-efficient option allows homeowners to rely less on electricity and more on natural light to illuminate spaces.

Smart technology infiltrates nearly every room of the home, allowing homeowners control over a variety of systems including lighting, temperature and audio. Plus, a built-in closet steamer, complete with mirror touch-screen technology, takes smart home technology one step further.

The office is filled with elements of nature, from a wooden slab desk to a burnt wood wall. Plus, with a glass wall, energy efficiency reigns supreme, allowing homeowners to rely less on electricity to brighten the room.

Designers incorporated various elements of biophilic design, creating healthier spaces for those inside.

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