Inside Look: 11 Ways Interior Designer Marc Thee Makes a Bold Statement at Home

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    March 26, 2019

Inside Look: 11 Ways Interior Designer Marc Thee Makes a Bold Statement at Home

Industry Trends

When a world-renowned interior designer designs his own home, what makes the cut? While at the NAHB International Builders’ Show last month, we attended a forum with Marc Thee, co-founder of Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc., to learn exactly that.

When Thee speaks about interior design, people listen. After all, Architectural Digest named him among the top 100 designers in the world, and American Express recognized him as one of 12 top trendsetters globally. His Florida residence illustrates stunning trends, which is expected from a designer who prides himself on his ability to not only spark emotions in his designs but also in his unapologetic affinity for boldness. Thee’s tangible design elements are beautiful but also rooted in the idea that our homes should be safe spaces, reflective of our personality and devoid of any negative impact.

Here are 11 ways Thee’s interior design makes a bold statement at home.

1. Remember, Less Is More

Sometimes, under-detailed spaces have a great impact. Or, in Thee’s words, “When you combine nothing but subtlety, it’s not so subtle.”

2. Maximize Space

Thee believes that every inch truly counts in a home, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Be sure to make smart décor decisions and identify ways to get the most out of a space.

3. Make a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

This is among some of the more popular current design trends. Thee eliminated the possibility of a divide between his spaces, creating an easy transition between his home and the natural world.

4. Remove All Visible Limitations

Along similar lines as his indoor-outdoor philosophy, Thee subscribes to a belief that a clean mind, void of life’s clutter, can create a space for design ideas to grow. That’s why, in his living room, he removed any walls that defined the space.

5. Aim for Infused Meaning

Thee wants to change how people feel when they walk through the doors of a room.

He encourages people to be intentional with the design elements they choose for their home. Every design aspect should add more relevance. Thee says that while life is a constant bombardment of messaging, with thousands of influences impacting us daily, we should be prepared to stand out.

“Positive messaging is a powerful thing and living in hope paves the way to unfathomable gifts.”

He said to stop, pause, think and make these choices thoughtful and positive. They will create an experience and infuse meaning and feeling into everything.

6. Spark Joy

When it comes to emotion, Thee takes a page out of Marie Kondo’s book. Simply put, all interior design elements in your house should make you happy.

7. Care About Lighting

Thee says that when it comes to lighting, it’s important to pay attention to detail. While he believes LED lighting is the future, he also emphasizes the need for ample dimming capabilities, which can be hard to achieve with LEDs.

“Getting dim and still being able to perform surgery over your bed is not getting dim. People like to feel like the lighting is flattering. People want to feel their most beautiful.”

He said that people don’t always take the time to care about details such as lighting. One of his jobs as a designer is to help people live their best life.

When it comes down to it, people just need to care.

“People don’t take the time to care. It is our responsibility to notice, and if you don’t, shame on you. We are supposed to tell people how to live their best. Lighting is something you need to do.”

He also advocates for using a lighting sculpture as opposed to an expensive light fixture. One that reflects light? Even better.

8. Make the Kitchen Multipurpose

Thee reimagined the idea of farm-to-table by creating a prep-to-dining area in his kitchen. He included ample space for food to be both prepared and enjoyed by all.

9. Be Budget-Conscious

Thee understands the importance of staying budget-conscious. That’s why he also shared the aspects of his home that were more affordable, divulging that not every detail of his home has a high-dollar price tag.

For example, he didn’t use any expensive exterior finishes in his outdoor area. He just used concrete. He also abstained from both waterline tile and a built-up edge on the pool. Better yet, some of his outdoor furnishings can even be found at IKEA.

Furthermore, there are a variety of pendants available for bathrooms that throw more light and attitude, he said, but that are also affordable and cost-conscious.

10. Add Minor Details with Impact

One of the most fascinating ideas Thee shared was the design elements he used as subtle nods to his life.

In his yard, he used differing directions of turf as a nod to his “chaotic life.”

Inside, he has pitcher plants as an homage to his own personality.

“People tell me I lure people in with my scent and then devour them.”

11. Be Bold

Thee believes lacking courage is the biggest mistake you can make in designing a space, no matter the budget. Be bold! Be brave! Show commitment!

That means that if you like the color eggplant, then paint the walls eggplant.

“If you don’t, someone else will.”

Photos provided by Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.

Photography by Jessica Glynn