Water designs our life. Can that story be told in a single day?

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    March 21, 2019

Water designs our life. Can that story be told in a single day?

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Water designs our life. Who designs for water? Can faucets, sinks and shower systems empower people to look at water differently? How can smart technology and beautiful style converge to inspire unforgettable experiences?

With every product it creates, Moen enables people to look at water, and all that it manifests, differently. A faucet isn’t an ordinary piece of hardware — it’s a personal statement. A smart shower isn’t just a shower — it’s the perfect start to your day. And a leak detection device isn’t just a fancy gadget — it’s protection for your most treasured possession, your home.

Moen challenged us to tell water’s incredible story through photography. The catch? We had a single day, in one location, to illustrate a big idea in three distinct ways.

Enter New York’s Montauk Point State Park on Long Island, a place where rocky shores and sandy beaches converge, where children play and seagulls soar and imaginations run wild. The park’s diverse landscape, complete with white beaches, purple beaches and pebbly beaches, gave us the palette we needed to capture completely different looks without having to travel too far. These four factors helped us capitalize on nature’s perfect set:

Tap into existing resources. What assets do you already own? What experiences can you reference to build the story? I grew up on Long Island and remembered a place with vastly different beaches, all within a quarter of a mile.

Plan smart. Find the perfect location, then reevaluate it and pick it apart before you commit. Will it give you the look you want? Are you ready for Mother Nature (we faced rain and snow for this shoot, scheduled on a cold November day)? Do you need permits to shoot at the location (we did)?

Don’t take pictures — make pictures. We photographed these scenes in our heads long before the shoot, and we knocked out a lot of the heavy lifting in preproduction, including these beautiful test shots. By the time we arrived on the island, we were ready to shift to execution mode.

Have a great team. From resourceful coordinators and talented photographers to unflappable models, everyone played their part in pulling this off. And though everyone on location nailed it, this project wouldn’t have succeeded without the Creative team back home that crafted the end product, Moen’s new catalog, in real time as we sent new shots to them.

The harder the assignment, the greater the reward, and it was gratifying to see the results of a long day. Here are some of my favorites.

What are some other examples of creative assignments with challenging logistics? How did you pull them off? Let us know on Twitter @wrayward by using the hashtag #makepictures.

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