The Holiday Gifts Marketing Pros Want in Their Stockings

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    December 21, 2017

The Holiday Gifts Marketing Pros Want in Their Stockings

Agency Life

Sure, giving is always better than receiving. But let’s be real — most of us wouldn’t mind finding an Apple Watch Series 3 or an Amazon Echo under the tree this year. Everyone appreciates gadgets and tools that can make our lives easier, both at home and at work. Santa, if you’re listening, I wouldn’t mind having a lifetime subscription to Spotify or a copy of Joe Pulizzi’s "Epic Content Marketing" book. 

Which got me thinking: what would other marketing pros like to see in their stockings this year? 

That’s the question I posed to some of my colleagues at Wray Ward. From books and think tank memberships to strong coffee, what inspires, informs and energizes our agency’s creative and strategic thinkers?

I hope you enjoy their answers as much as I did.  

  1. “Keys to a 1972 Bronco, a Leica M10 camera and a week of snow.” ~David Adams, Design Director
  2. “I’d like to reach into my Christmas stocking and find time — nothing but time. A big old barrel filled with time that I can use for everything on my long to-do list and wish list and all I’ve set out to accomplish, learn and experience.” ~Caroline Armstrong, Talent Development Director
  3. “Whiskey.” ~Josh Ashton, Creative Director, Digital
  4. “A new selection of emojis that I can use without my teenagers making fun of me. The complete guide to technology acronyms. A flash for my iPhone that actually works. A week at the Aspen Institute for a session focused on design thinking ... preferably during the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. A fact-finding and inspiration-seeking trip to Art Basel in Switzerland. And Amazon stock.” ~Jennifer Appleby, President and Chief Creative Officer
  5. “Net neutrality is the gift that every marketer (and their target audiences) should put on Santa’s list. By closing the free marketplace of content, the new FCC rules are quite the financial sugarplum for a few companies, but they’re a bane on every marketer who strives to engage through inbound and content marketing.” ~Charlie Elberson, Vice President and Insights Strategist
  6. “A crystal ball with instant answers to all of my questions, or an Amazon Echo loaded with research shortcuts. What does my target audience think about my brand? What problem does my client need to solve?” ~Leslie Gillock, Vice President and Director of Insights
  7. “I would like a lifetime supply of Starbucks coffee!” ~Rob Horton, Vice President and Director of Client Engagement
  8. “Someone should write a book called ‘HubSpot for Dummies.’ We recently started using HubSpot’s CRM tool after more than 20 years with a HubSpot competitor. A book about breaking old habits and seamlessly getting out of your comfort zone might be nice, too.” ~Kent Panther, Vice President and Director of Business Development
  9. “Peace and harmony are all I want at work and especially with my family. Of course, peace and harmony don’t have to equal zero excitement.” ~Patricia Propst, Vice President and Director of Finance and Operations
  10.  “If Santa were open to suggestions, I’d lobby for a universally accepted measurement metric for editorial value that’s meaningful in this tradigital earned media world. Also, a lifetime supply of Starbucks nonfat no water no foam chai tea lattes. And not necessarily in that order.” ~Heather Tamol, Director of Public Relations/Content
  11.  “I want 'Portraits 2005-2016,' the latest collection of images from photographer Annie Leibovitz. Sure, the book’s a little large for a stocking, but it will fill my year with inspiration. Oh, and that new 85mm lens from Canon wouldn’t be too bad, either!” ~Rusty Williams, Photography Director

What would you like to find in your marketing stocking? Give us a shout on Twitter @wrayward using the hashtag #GiftsForMarketers.

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