Three FORM Interns, One Unforgettable Experience: The Final Chapter

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    July 25, 2023

Three FORM Interns, One Unforgettable Experience: The Final Chapter

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It seems as if it was only yesterday that I sat down to write about the start of my FORM internship experience at Wray Ward. But eight weeks later, our journey in the beautiful Wray Ward office has come to a too-swift end. While saying goodbye fills me with sadness, I take joy from knowing that I’ll depart with cherished lessons and unforgettable moments to fuel my next chapter.

This summer, Wray Ward leaned into the rule of three when it hired my two fellow interns and me. As the three musketeers of the agency, we had an opportunity to experience agency life in its truest form. Throughout our journey, we learned, laughed, problem solved, discovered our CliftonStrengths, built connections and, most importantly, enjoyed Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Group Director LoriAnn Boyer’s delicious baking.

In May, more than 150 smiling faces greeted our ambitious and eager drive to learn with open arms. Now, those same faces are sending us into the big world equipped with the confidence and the skills we need to become successful young professionals.

My teammates and I talked about what we’ll take from this journey. Here are three key lessons we learned during our summer in Wray Ward’s FORM internship:

Three Key Lessons From the Wray Ward FORM Internship

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    Although a task may initially appear daunting, over time, we gathered the confidence to ask for help. As UX Design Intern Manisa Vongnalath said, “There is no such thing as a bad question, so ask away.”

    By asking the right questions, we made sense of not only tough tasks and challenging projects but also our fast-moving environment. We learned that the world will always give us room to learn and expand our knowledge, whether we need clarification on something or just want to quench our curiosity.

    “Wray Ward welcomes all questions with open arms,” said Manisa.

    2. Take risks and step up to the plate.

      From volunteering copy for a client project to hopping into a training session on a daunting technology platform, taking risks can open doors to unexpected opportunities.

      “I took a risk by trying my hand at writing copy for a large client project,” said Copywriting Intern Ella Price. “In the end, they chose one of my lines. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to step out of my comfort zone, and now I have client work to showcase in my portfolio.”

      Having the confidence to take a risk speaks volumes about character and drive. We learned that having the courage to put our work out there acts as an indicator that we are open to new challenges and eager to grow our skills.

      3. Network, network, network.

        Although we had the comfort of built-in buddies in our FORM teammates, it was important to connect with other Wray Ward employees, whether within or outside our departments. Taking the time to say hi to an unfamiliar face always paid off, as the marketing experts at Wray Ward were happy to share their knowledge.

        I prioritized networking during my time as an intern. By making the time to create relationships, I was able to forge professional ties that should help me start my career.

        Three Words to Describe Our Internship Experience

        1. Manisa: Fun, Memorable and Helpful

          “I’m experiencing postcollege life, so I can say the fun continues and even grows,” said Manisa.
          “The workplace can seem intimidating, but a company’s culture can create a kind of fun that isn’t possible when you’re a student.

          “During my time at Wray Ward, I created memories that will stay with me as I move on. These include visiting the Mint Museum with the other interns, bonding with the UX design team, participating in ideation sessions and having outdoor patio lunch chats.

          “This experience helped me grow my skills as a creative. I was introduced to all kinds of software that I can use in my portfolio and for future endeavors. I’ve gotten a glimpse of what a career in this field will look like. As for what I want in a work environment, FORM set the standard. I loved the opportunities to try, connect, get inspired and learn about myself.”

          2. Ella: Immersive, Invigorating and Indescribable

            “Someone wise once told me, ‘You do not do creative. You are a creative. It is more than a job — it’s your life.’

            “Being a creative means creating all the time, looking for inspiration everywhere, taking every shot you can get and always pushing for the best. During FORM, I got immersed in the Wray Ward culture while learning how creative minds work and flourish in a professional setting. As an intern, I worked on projects that invigorated me and tested my confidence. My supervisors not only encouraged me but also helped me become a pro at copywriting.

            “My advice to other students? Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Wray Ward only hires people who are really good at what they do, so getting an internship here was a major confidence boost. I also learned the importance of smiling and saying hello, and setting up meetings just to chat.

            “The experience was indescribable and surpassed my expectations. If you’re lucky enough to land an internship at Wray Ward, prepare to work hard, soak it all in and eat a lot of free food.”

            3. Heather: Motivational, Unique and Stimulating

            At the beginning of the summer, if you were to tell me I’d be leaving Wray Ward with skills in three different disciplines, I would have been overwhelmed and hesitant. But here we are, eight weeks later, and I can proudly say I’m up for any challenge.

            My amazing coworkers were the most supportive and motivating group of individuals I’ve ever encountered. With their help, I grew confidence in my writing ability. Meanwhile, working on stimulating projects grew my appreciation for expressing creativity in a structured way.

            I made this experience my own, and I encourage future interns to do the same. Build on your interests, but also explore new territories. Forging into unexplored lands leads to unexpected lessons and skills for the next adventure.

            Final Thoughts

            As we bid Wray Ward adieu, we would like to thank the company for giving us the opportunity to become immersed in their agency family. It has been an honor to work and grow with such a talented team while building memories and relationships that will stand the test of time. With the help of this program, my future is brighter.

            If you are a student interested in getting into marketing, there is no better way to learn than by experiencing Wray Ward’s FORM internship program. If someone asked me to do it all over again, I’d leap at the opportunity. Watch for the 2024 application period to open, and get ready to put your best foot forward.

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