EmpoWWer 2021: Another Year, Another Opportunity to Effect Change

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    November 5, 2020

EmpoWWer 2021: Another Year, Another Opportunity to Effect Change

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In 2018, Wray Ward launched its EmpoWWer service-grant program, an initiative designed to formalize our commitment to social responsibility while fueling our creative spirit and hunger for using our gifts for good. Under that umbrella, the agency has helped eight incredible nonprofit organizations in the Charlotte region, providing the marketing communications support they thought most critical to effect change in our community.

It has been humbling to see this initiative take root — a seed of an idea that grew into a clear path for us to support important causes framed by one of three pillars: creativity, shelter and advancement. Even better? This critical work will go on, with the grant application period for 2021 opening this week.

How to Apply

If you’re a 501(c)(3) organization in the Charlotte region or know of another deserving group, consider applying or sharing the program details. Wray Ward will accept EmpoWWer grant applications through December 31, 2020. Partners will be announced in January 2021.

Change: A Short but Powerful History

Our 2020 grant recipients, selected in late 2019, proved almost perfectly suited to our changing world. Wray Ward’s work with Foundation For The Carolinas brought us face to face with the eviction crisis in our city. Partnering with The ROC allowed us to create tools that ensured construction industry students and teachers could stay in touch as the pandemic forced them home for many months. We gave QC Family Tree a new brand and marketing materials as they headed into difficult conversations and community work during the Black Lives Matter protests, showing our city how to advocate for our Black neighbors. And finally, a series of videos we’re making for the Teaching Fellows Institute reminds us why teachers are everyday heroes who’ve faced a year of reinvention with online instruction, all while making their students’ lives better.

We’re deeply proud of the work we do for our community. We’re also grateful for what EmpoWWer gives to our employees — a chance to do good, give back and be a change agent.

One of our Creative team members has a sign at their desk that reads, What Good Shall I Do This Day? It speaks to me. It reflects our Wray Ward culture. Thinking exponentially, I’m filled with anticipation for the myriad answers to the question, What good shall we do next year?

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