The Studio at Wray Ward: 4 Reasons to Rent

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    August 31, 2021

The Studio at Wray Ward: 4 Reasons to Rent


If you’re a creative professional without a dedicated studio space, you know the struggle all too well: You’ve got an amazing idea for a shoot or a time-sensitive client request but nowhere to execute your vision. Or, maybe you’re just feeling inspired and want to experiment with new creative approaches. In either case, a makeshift set won’t do.

The Creative team at Wray Ward had long dreamed of such a faithful space. When there seemed to be few options in the area that could withstand our out-of-the-box production goals, we landed on the decision to integrate a full-sized studio into the new office built for Wray Ward in 2020. Finally, that September, we unveiled a collaborative new building that brought our own studio services and office spaces under one roof for the first time.

Now, we want to extend that resource to other local photographers, producers, content creators and community members who need a space. That’s why we’re opening the three giant garage doors of The Studio at Wray Ward to the creative community, offering the 2,500-square-foot space as a blank canvas for exceptional photography and video production.

Interested? We thought so. Here are four reasons to book one of Charlotte’s best resources:

1. It’s large and functional.

    Wray Ward’s studio features 2,500 square feet of shooting space with high ceilings, load-in garage doors, ample natural light with blackout capabilities and six 20-amp outlets on dedicated circuit breakers.

    As for behind-the-scenes goodies, a green room offers private space for makeup, hair and wardrobe, and the in-studio lounge area and adjacent outdoor patio are ideal for production meetings, observation and catering. The Studio also features restrooms inside and a separate entry from the rest of the agency building, allowing shoots and events to be closed off for privacy.

    2. It’s adaptable.

      The Studio at Wray Ward isn’t just large — it’s a blank canvas. Here, you can get straight to the creative execution of a concept instead of stressing about how to work around natural barriers of a space. In fact, we designed our studio to be as barrier-free as possible, taking into account the many physical requirements that go into a production.

      For example, The Studio includes three 14-foot, industrial-sized garage doors — all fully operational for the provision of additional natural light. One of the doors also includes drive-in access straight from our dedicated parking lot for easy equipment and prop load-in. VELUX skylights located throughout The Studio also provide flexibility by either adding natural light or, with the skylights’ remote-controlled blackout shades, completely darkening the space.

      3. It’s a space for exploring possibilities.

      Not only does The Studio provide a flexible canvas for storytelling, but the overall increased efficiency of a dedicated space means more time and opportunity to push creative boundaries. Take it from those who get the most use out of this creative playpen: Here are several examples of how the Wray Ward Motion team has strategically employed The Studio for recent shoots.

      The finished spot for this Huber X-Factor subflooring shoot required set extension visual effects, but to make it all seamless, we needed to build out as much of the real materials to shoot in-camera as possible. Huber brought in flooring trusses and laid X-Factor panels on them, creating a massive, 30-by-40-foot subfloor. The size of the space allowed us to construct this with ease and, combined with the height of the studio, meant we never ran into a challenge when finding the right angles to shoot.

      Our studio setup provided two options for execution in this LG Hausys shoot: three open bay doors with natural light or closed bay doors and a controlled environment, which created a “nice to have” creative dilemma for our director of photography. We were also able to style and shoot 16 products in two days, because the space’s size allowed the stylist to set up tables with hundreds of props, so each product slab was styled prior to the shoot.

      For client Broan Nu-Tone, we shot elements for two ads, both of which involved extensive computer-generated imagery work in postproduction. The size of our space allowed us to shoot more in-camera than we could have in a smaller space, giving us more control over the final product.

      For this shoot with Huber's EXACOR line, large square footage allowed us to construct multiple sets within the studio. The height of the space also inspired us to hang lights from the ceiling, so the sets could be lit universally for consistency and efficiency. Our bay doors provided convenient load-in and wrap, and, together, all of these amenities enabled us to capture a lot of content in a short amount of time.

      4. It exudes convenience.

        The Studio at Wray Ward is located in the burgeoning FreeMoreWest neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. With proximity to coffee shops, breweries and renowned, locally owned restaurants, a studio rental with us brings ample opportunities for your team to explore off-set. Additionally, we are within 10 minutes of Uptown Charlotte, 15 minutes of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and five minutes of multiple major highways. To top it all off, our spacious parking lot can offer your entire crew a free, central place to set up shop.

        So, what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in renting The Studio, learn more about the space or contact us for booking today.

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