How Original Brand Photography Cuts Through the Clutter

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    May 13, 2021

How Original Brand Photography Cuts Through the Clutter

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How many minutes have you spent online today? How many images have you seen? Most important, how many do you remember? After all, we live in a content-saturated world. From billboard ads to social media feeds, we are constantly bombarded with images vying for our attention. But how often do these images make us stop and stare?

If you’re hoping to cut through the noise with quality imagery that makes folks stop and think “Hey, I know this brand,” original photography can help set your brand apart.

Branding is more than just logos, colors and fonts. A brand’s visual identity is made up of many different elements, including photo and video.

Original brand photography compiles a suite of professional images, connects the dots with other elements of the brand’s visual identity and reinforces a certain brand personality. It’s like the sugar in the batter: an ingredient that makes a campaign better because it complements other elements, such as copy, design, insights and calls to action. Photos can include people, products, processes and more — anything that tells your business’s story and shows what makes it unique.

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You may be able to find some good stock images that sort of fit the bill, but chances are they won’t quite be on brand, or if they are, they’re already being used by tons of other people or brands. Stock photography is useful when you’re first starting out or if you need images in a pinch, but you should always aim for unique and on-brand photos that perfectly complement your visual identity.

It takes a team ...

If you’re still questioning the return on investment (ROI) of original brand photography, consider that presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by 23%. Not to mention, collaborating with a professional agency gives you the benefit of a whole squad of people synergizing strategic insights, creative thinking and campaign planning, and top-of-the-line photography into each shot.

A commitment like this may seem like a big investment if you’re used to hiring an individual commercial photographer. However, the value stretches well past the camera — it lies within the brainpower leading up to the final shot.

Whether out in the world or in a studio setting, we approach shoots with the end viewer in mind to create compelling shots that will resonate every time. Each photo needs to feel authentic and tell a story to stand apart from all of the clutter in the market. For example, our Insights team digs into the campaign objectives before we take a single shot. This ensures that the photos make a connection and convey shared values that inspire audience engagement. We consider everything from the big-picture campaign objectives to the tiny details that make people stop and stare. Whether it’s the right talent, wardrobe, lighting or headline, we leave no stone unturned.

At Wray Ward, we also have a network of retouchers who work their post-production magic to turn gorgeous shots into shots that get results. If your brand can dream it, they can achieve it. And when all of the visual elements work together seamlessly, you can almost guarantee that your campaign will grab and keep your audience’s attention and separate your brand from the competition.

… and an omni-channel marketing mindset.

Photographers should always approach shoots with the end viewer in mind. Today, that viewer is an omni-channel, multiplatform user. That’s why we’re careful to capture photos and video that will work across platforms and create a memorable user experience, wherever those users may be.

Imagine this: Your print ad resonates with a potential customer, and they follow the call to action to visit your brand website. There, the campaign comes to life with complementary video. This potential customer engages more deeply with the subject matter from the original campaign, creating a full-circle brand experience. Your photographers should always consider how these moving parts come together to create a memorable customer journey that drives real results.

When what makes your brand different shines in your creative, potential customers see what they’re (potentially) buying and can imagine themselves being a part of that experience.

Whether in print media, digital media, websites or supporting collateral, original brand photography can help your business connect with customers and rise above the competition. With crucial first impressions on the line, it’s time to set your brand apart with images that deliver on every channel, every time.

Contact us to see what original photography can do for your brand.

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