Huber: ZIP Revolution

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Huber: ZIP Revolution

Integrated, Digital
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We created an integrated cross-platform campaign that helped educate contractors about a revolutionary new product, providing them with the information and confidence they needed to make the switch.

Project Overview

What We Did

To reach contractors who were reluctant to change processes and adopt new products like ZIP System sheathing and tape, Huber turned to Wray Ward. They challenged us to increase awareness, education and trial of ZIP System sheathing and tape products by positioning the brand as more than a replacement to traditional housewrap.

Our team developed a tightly integrated campaign that positioned ZIP System sheathing and tape as a system of products revolutionizing the approach to building enclosures. Every element of the campaign, from print ads to pre-roll, drove traffic to an educational and engaging microsite, creating a seamless customer journey.

Digital Experience

A responsive microsite served as the centerpiece and informational hub of the campaign. On the site, builders could learn about the features and benefits of ZIP System sheathing and tape, understand the evolution of building enclosures and learn how to try the product.

Online Video

To further communicate the benefits and features of ZIP System sheathing and tape, we created a series of testimonial videos featuring prominent homebuilders. Videos were featured on the microsite and used as pre-roll and video display ads to drive traffic to the site.

Print Advertising

Print ads in popular trade publications helped spread the campaign message and drove readers to the microsite to join the ZIP Revolution and learn more about the science behind the product.

Online Advertising

A highly targeted programmatic display campaign ensured that we were reaching the right trade audiences at the right time and driving viewers to the microsite to learn more.