AD Modern: Free the Grain

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AD Modern: Free the Grain

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Wray Ward helped American Drew introduce a new sub-brand with unique positioning and a bold story that stands out in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace.

Project Overview

What We Did

American Drew wanted to start a conversation about clean, authentic, timeless furniture and, ultimately, drive sales at High Point Market, but AD Modern was different from anything the company had done previously in its 90-year history. AD Modern furniture made a bold statement. It needed a bold story. The result was a clear and definitive campaign that offered a powerful new perspective on furniture. Just as the craftsmen at AD Modern stripped away all the inessentials and honored the raw materials of the furniture, AD Modern’s Free the Grain campaign skipped the formalities and focused on the unspoiled, natural beauty of the product.


Free the Grain became more than a campaign — it transformed into a rallying cry that sparked a movement. It not only introduced AD Modern to the furniture industry, but it also elevated the entire American Drew brand. The campaign drove a significant increase in traffic to the American Drew showroom at High Point Market. More important, Free the Grain put a distinctive, exceptionally well-crafted product squarely in the minds of industry influencers and changemakers.

Digital Experience

Armed with a tight budget, our team carefully selected tactics and tools and layered them to maximize ROI. Brand positioning shaped the direction of a new logo, landing page, video and print ad campaign. All of these leveraged the furniture’s unique story to inspire American Drew customers to visit their High Point Market showroom.

Trade Show Display

Featuring powerful imagery of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into every piece of furniture, American Drew banners stood out with a simple yet compelling message in the crowded trade show environment.

Brand Experience

A limited edition American Drew phone case made from the same wood as their furniture was given to those who submitted their information on the microsite, creating instant brand advocates and expanding American Drew’s mailing list.