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Creative Campaign & Content Development
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The pioneers of wireless audio, Sonos sought to enhance the digital experience for trade audiences. We conducted numerous stakeholder interviews, crafted messaging for each audience and created a digital experience customized for architects, builders, remodelers/renovators and installers to more effectively communicate the specific benefits of installed solutions.

Project Overview

What We Did

We started by doing a deep dive to understand the Sonos trade audiences, focusing on builders, remodelers and architects. Armed with a core understanding of the target audiences' mindsets, barriers and motivations, we crafted a content strategy and user experience aimed at increasing awareness and providing clear paths to take action. We also leveraged the common points of interest on the homepage and had dedicated pages for each audience to ensure we were speaking directly to them and addressing their unique challenges. The site leveraged new photography showcasing the benefits of installing the Sonos products, which were punctuated by quotes from users boasting about their experience with Sonos trades.


The new website was incredibly well received and has provided a destination for Sonos to begin building awareness and generating leads with these new audiences.