GE Lighting: With LED+ Lightbulbs, It’s Brighter, Together.

GE Lighting: With LED+ Lightbulbs, It’s Brighter, Together.

Creative Campaign & Content Development
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The consumer lighting market has undergone a significant shift to longer-lasting LED technology, making it rare to replace a working lightbulb. With the advent of GE’s multipurpose LED+ bulbs, our task was to introduce consumers to products they never imagined and to induce them to trade up to bulbs that do much more than light up a room.

Project Overview

What We Did

Our immediate task was to convey the impressive pluses of LED+ products. Each bulb offered a built-in enhancement such as a sound speaker, a range of 10 colors, a motion sensor, a dusk-to-dawn sensor or battery backup. Producing videos and photos internally, we efficiently and vividly depicted the benefits of each while also promoting the complete family of bulbs that enhance everyday life. In the process, we positioned GE, the inventor of the lightbulb, as continuing to reimagine what a bulb can do.


Our campaign has exceeded sales goals, our video completion rate averaged over 80%, and our display click-through rate averaged more than 0.25%. GE LED+ bulbs have now been successfully launched at major retailers including Amazon, Lowe’s and Target.

Animated Videos

Animating each bulb’s attributes with fun. Charm and drama brought distinct qualities to life, while custom scoring brought a unifying musical theme to the family of products.

Digital Banners

A range of static and animated banners introduced LED+ across digital platforms. Showing unexpected interactions with lightbulbs and in some cases giving familiar images a twist were the perfect ways of demonstrating that LED+ bulbs come with surprising benefits.