Jaws of Life: Built to Extend Lives

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Jaws of Life: Built to Extend Lives

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For the HURST Jaws of Life (Jaws of Life) brand, differentiating themselves from a host of competing rescue tools was far more than a marketing challenge — it was a matter of life and death. To reach rescue teams and provide them with the information they needed in the most effective way possible, Jaws of Life turned to Wray Ward.

Project Overview

What We Did

Wray Ward created a bold communications program to help solidify Jaws of Life as the industry leader among one of its key audiences: firefighters. With a new website, content marketing and brand experiences, we helped ensure the message came across loud and clear.


Video, booth graphics and advertising assured one of its key audiences that HURST is dedicated to providing the fastest and most powerful tools available, and the company is intent on continuing to push forward with even more innovative offerings in the future. The FDIC booth garnered the highest rating (4.05) of the 27 exhibitors ranked in the Exhibit Effectiveness Impact Evaluation conducted by an independent company. The rescue tool category averaged 3.57 while the all show average was 3.55. Also of note, eDRAULIC sales increased 15.2 percent in 2016 over 2015.

Digital Experience

A new website, responsive on all devices, provided our audience with technical data, bid spec information and action videos, making it easier for them to share and incorporate tool information in their bidding process.

Content Marketing

A wildly successful social media campaign allowed us to interact directly with first responders who use Jaws of Life tools and to share their stories, experiences and pictures. We also created unique content such as interviews with editors and reporters from key trade publications, sweepstakes and product information.

Brand Engagement

We developed a Jaws of Life trade show booth theme and design for the industry’s largest conference in the world, FDIC International, which attracts more than 32,000 attendees.