Huber Engineered Woods: Building an Instagram Community for Two Distinct Brands, AdvanTech and ZIP System

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Huber Engineered Woods: Building an Instagram Community for Two Distinct Brands, AdvanTech and ZIP System

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In order to reinforce its excellent reputation with the pros, Huber Engineered Woods sought to foster community and develop an industry-leading presence through social media.

Project Overview

What We Did

To reach builders where they are most active digitally on and off the jobsite, we explored various possibilities of expanding communication and brand outreach through social channels. Instagram provided the ideal solution: a platform to cultivate community and create diverse content reaching builders, architects, contractors and other important audiences.


Since 2018, @huberwood has garnered:

  • 6,114.7%

    audience growth

  • 34,800+

    current followers

  • 134,597+


  • 28,980,977+


Developing an Engaging Content Strategy

By engaging with the community, we’ve continued to learn what matters most to builders and turn that knowledge into shared content. All content has an educational component, and, in turn, Huber’s Instagram platform serves both as a product education and customer service hub for the brand by featuring product tips, how-to videos and tech team Q&As. Above all, we’ve celebrated individuals by shining a spotlight on different builders, architects and contractors for their outstanding craftsmanship and contributions to the building science community.

Engaging Directly with the Community

There’s a team of real people behind @huberwood, and we want Huber’s followers to know it. Questions and comments on posts and direct messenger receive individualized follow-up. Each comment, tagged photo and question is seen as an opportunity to engage and foster community and solidify followers’ relationships with Huber.

Fostering Influencer Relations & Partnerships

Key voices in the builder community have elevated the delivery of content to new audiences. Through video series including our AdvanTech A-game campaign and follower giveaways, we highlighted real builders who put Huber’s products to the test day after day. With an authentic voice behind the camera, our influencer campaigns have delivered tips and product demonstrations to followers from builders they know and respect.

Promoting & Launching the Annual Best of Social Awards

The annual Best of Social Awards brings together followers from coast to coast to recognize individuals who inspire, entertain and educate through their social media presence. With the help of host and influencer Matt Risinger, builders are recognized in categories from “flashiest flashing” to “most likely to have their own reality show” based on their social media activities throughout the year. With the help of pre-show registrations and promotions on Instagram, Best of Social has grown in just three years from a casual meet-up to a fully produced awards show drawing hundreds of builders in attendance at IBS each year.