AdvanTech: Bring Your A-Game

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AdvanTech: Bring Your A-Game

Trade Love Creative Campaign & Content Development

Facing a threat to market share from both new premium and lower-cost competitive products, Huber wanted to inspire a new generation of builders to take pride in their builds and be certain to spec AdvanTech subflooring, which remains the hallmark of quality in the industry.

Project Overview

What We Did

To motivate builders to select AdvanTech, we issued the perfect challenge for the audience and the brand: Bring Your A-Game. And because the new generation of builders interacts with media and products in new ways, we worked with the client to identify key influencers whose lives, as well as their work, reflect the high bar implicit in our message. In detailed profiles, we leveraged these influencers’ stories of strength, steadfastness and commitment to quality beyond their builds to mirror the excellence of AdvanTech.


By tapping into anecdotal research that identified the power and value of peer-to-peer relationships and advice, AdvanTech was able to create a platform for influencers to express pride in their work and communicate a message that other builders could rally behind.

Placing these stories in growth regions generated:
  • 20,000+

    video views among target audience in less than a year

  • 1,000+

    visits to the campaign landing page

Online Videos

Videos served as the core of this campaign, with each inviting viewers to get to know AdvanTech’s three influential builders in depth. The videos went beyond testimonials to stories of true craftsmanship in all aspects of their lives. In addition to living on the website and YouTube, the videos were used as pre-roll and video display ads to drive traffic to the site.


The A-game series was featured as the hero of the AdvanTech landing page on, with all tactics driving users to interact with the three influencers and to explore the products they firmly stand behind on the site.


Placements in prominent trade publications invited readers to bring their own A-game to their work, touting the AdvanTech promise and driving viewers to the website to learn about the brand guarantee and available products.

Online Advertising

Geographically placed ads garnered views from audiences in key growth regions and highlighted the qualities our influencers shared with the AdvanTech brand, driving viewers to watch the full videos on the brand’s YouTube channel.

In addition, we tapped into paid advertising on social channels where stills from our videos appeared in users’ feeds, inviting them to scroll through the compelling images and watch the full videos to learn more.

Social Media

Before the launch of each video, a series of teaser posts on the brand's Instagram channel hinted at the newest A-game builder and built anticipation for the next leg of the campaign. Each video release tagged the builders across platforms to promote engagement from their respective, loyal followings.


Knowing this generation of builders seeks advice and new ideas from peers, advertorials placed both the A-game builder series and new ideas and products in front of key audiences, inspiring them to take their builds to the next level of quality.