How Alternate Endings Took a VELUX Skylights Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

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    June 6, 2023

How Alternate Endings Took a VELUX Skylights Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

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This post was updated on March 20, 2024.

It’s the simplest way to sell a good product: Explain how it will make life better. But how do you do that for an item that affects people and homes in different ways? That was the challenge for a new marketing campaign for VELUX® skylights, the world leader in skylights and roof windows.

Skylights open inside spaces to the outdoors, but they also transform the room — soaking rooms with natural light and revealing true colors and textures while providing views of blue skies, wandering clouds and starry nights.

Together with VELUX, our Wray Ward team saw this campaign as a creative opportunity to infuse the feelings that come with natural light and fresh air from above into the VELUX brand. But with only 15 or 30 seconds to make an impact, how could we help consumers understand that skylights, like our homes, are built for life’s enjoyment?

In contemplating that question, we dug into a fresh storytelling approach that could both inspire and drive consideration.

The outcome was nothing short of attention-holding.

Bringing the VELUX Skylights Voice to Life

The Creative team chose to focus on two key research points uncovered by our Insights group:

  • Men, while not the key decision-makers, are key decision influencers when it comes to matters of the home.

  • Energy savings is a strong focus area for men.

What’s more, research showed that when the man of the house (in our typical audience’s family norm) is involved, the family is twice as likely to even consider a skylight. We wanted to unlock this huge consideration boost, developing creative that would speak to a relatable truism.

Whether it’s a mom or a dad, every family has a parent that is constantly turning off lights behind the kids (and the other adults in the house, if we’re being honest). Our team saw this commonplace truth as a conduit to communicate the benefits of skylights in a way VELUX has never done before.

But there was more to our unique approach.

Fueling Intrigue — and Engagement — With Alternate Endings

We developed alternate endings, allowing the audience to see something fresh each time the spot aired. We wanted to show the different ways our dad is using all the extra free time now that he no longer has to turn off the lights thanks to VELUX skylights. We wanted to leave a lasting impression, but with a twist.

The Dads and Lights campaign celebrated this relatable dad character with a TV spot that featured — spoiler alert — five different endings, plus more for social media executions.

The spot opens with a dad looking out of a kid’s room into the hallway. As Dad walks by, he stops, backtracks and sighs. Then, he turns off the light. This continues past several rooms. Cut to Dad sitting in his favorite chair as he explains the all-too-common challenge of kids who leave the lights on throughout the day. But when Dad picks up his cell phone and opens his skylight shade with the VELUX smartphone app, the audience sees the light from above begin to wash over him and the room.

Now, with skylights, Dad has time to do all his favorite things — including, of course, brushing up on his river dancing. Watch:

Want to discover what else Dad has time to do thanks to VELUX skylights? Watch the other versions:

But the effort didn’t end with filming the spot. We wanted this creative to work as hard for VELUX as possible. So, throughout the shoot in Chicago, our Creative team had not only the commercial top of mind but also incremental assets that could extend the campaign into organic social channels and additional stages of the customer journey.

To pull it off, we brought in an extra shooter and two extra cameras. This way, while we were doing the commercial, we could also capture engaging footage for properly sized social content, stills for print ads, and landing page headers and content considerations for

Nailing the Results

VELUX’s dedication to consistently manufacturing the best skylight products is unrivaled. It’s a major reason why VELUX is the world leader in skylights. They aren’t afraid to ask what if.

The TV spot, Dads and Lights, launched on HGTV near the end of 2022. The campaign allowed VELUX to:

  • Establish a voice that consumers want to engage with

  • Highlight the practicality of features and benefits that make everyday living better

  • Show how a skylight can make your home more enjoyable and improve your family’s life

The spot and its alternate endings garnered over 300 million impressions and 34.6 million video engagements.

Safe ideas run an earnest risk of being forgettable. This Dads and Lights campaign enabled the VELUX brand to not only relate to its audience but also illustrate the power of skylights in an innovative, memorable way. I couldn’t be prouder of the final product and our team for bringing this concept to life.

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