Don’t Just Tell Your Story — Show It: How VELUX Skylights Put Its Audience in the Driver’s Seat

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    April 9, 2020

Don’t Just Tell Your Story — Show It: How VELUX Skylights Put Its Audience in the Driver’s Seat

Creative Work Television and Video

As the saying goes, if you want to be a great parent, don’t forget what it’s like to be a kid. Likewise, if you want your product to be relevant to an audience, you have to see it from their perspective.

VELUX® skylights does an incredible job of positioning its product in a way that helps consumers understand the potential for creating better living environments with natural light. Instead of an extraneous laundry list of product features and benefits, the brand showcases the pure power of natural light by identifying authentic, emotional spaces and life moments. By viewing it through the audience’s eyes. By walking alongside them instead of talking at them.

This year, Wray Ward and VELUX set out to do exactly that with a series of three 30-second spots and three 15-second spots for the brand. Our challenge? Vividly capture the transformative power of skylights in three distinct spaces: a kitchen, bathroom and living room.

This was no typical shoot. From the outset, we believed motion — a medium built for experiential learning — coupled with special effects would be the best way to show people the transformative nature of natural light. Meanwhile, the spots needed to relay a level of honesty, relatability and trustworthiness that proves VELUX understands the challenges of home renovation.

In other words, instead of talking at homeowners, VELUX needed to walk alongside them.

She Is Critical, but It’s Not All About Her

Brands often focus on women, and they should — after all, women are often a household’s primary decision-maker. But today, men play a major role in home renovation projects. Often, decisions are made jointly. That’s why we introduced the husband as his wife’s ally in the home renovation process.

Hands Resonate, Hands Down

Next, we decided how best to convey the renovation message. The answer? Hands.

Hands are relatable, and relatability is critical when talking to any audience. We understood the need to reach customers in the early phases of the project, because we know homeowners never regret putting in a skylight — they regret not putting in more skylights.

To make this happen, we cast six hand models, a male and female for each of the spots. In the foreground of each spot, the hands point to different elements of the room, trying out various ideas for their room renovation before deciding skylights are a necessary addition.

When we tested the hands, along with the familiar husband-wife banter, we found the idea resonated with the audience, because people appreciated the ability to touch, remove and reimagine their fifth wall (the ceiling). Plus, we were able to show various rooms with different skylight options. The hands function as a creative device that adds to the overall message — a far more effective technique than a traditional product demonstration video.

Leave a Lasting Impression

VELUX has always had a deep understanding of its customer and the home renovation process. The frustrations and struggles. The little things that can make the process simpler. The end results that make it all worth it. VELUX illustrates its value in a memorable way. And when it says to customers, “We get you,” it really means it.

Want to leave a lasting impression on your own audience? See your product through their eyes. Recognize their journey. Live it with them. Then, and only then, will they truly experience how your brand can transform their lives for the better.

After all, seeing really is believing.

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