Unveiling Our 2024 EmpoWWer Service-Grant Recipients

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    March 21, 2024

Unveiling Our 2024 EmpoWWer Service-Grant Recipients


In 2018, when Wray Ward established the EmpoWWer service-grant program, it marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to community engagement. Little did we know the profound impact this initiative would have, not only on the organizations we support but also on our agency employees.

As we embark on our sixth full year of EmpoWWer, we are thrilled to collaborate with three exceptional nonprofit partners whose causes align closely with the EmpoWWer program’s pillars of shelter, creativity and advancement.

2024 Wray Ward EmpoWWer Service-Grant Recipients

These organizations embody the spirit of empowerment and community upliftment, and we are honored to support their vital activities. We look forward to sharing more about them and the work we create together.

  1. Charlotte Family Housing equips working families experiencing homelessness to achieve long-term, self-sufficiency through shelter, housing, trauma-informed counseling and advocacy.

  2. Upcycle Arts is a creative reuse center that builds community by providing affordable reclaimed art materials diverted from landfills.

  3. Wayfinders, a youth empowerment program, offers summer camps, year-round enrichment programs and mentoring for self-motivated, underserved students.

EmpoWWer has become more than just a program we administer. Today, it is a cornerstone of our company culture: a driving force that inspires us to make a tangible difference in the world around us.

Marketing service grants enable us to assist 501(c)(3) community initiatives with a wide range of projects, from comprehensive rebranding efforts to social media strategies, website designs and creative collateral such as e-newsletters, brochures and annual reports. Through these collaborations, we aim to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of our nonprofit partners and to amplify their missions and impact within the community.

Beyond the tangible outcomes of our work, the relationships we forge with our nonprofit partners represent one of the most rewarding aspects of EmpoWWer. Over the years, these partnerships have blossomed into genuine friendships, with many of our employees becoming volunteers and even board members of EmpoWWer clients.

This deep level of engagement underscores our original intention in establishing EmpoWWer: to provide our team members with meaningful opportunities to connect with and contribute to the Charlotte region we know and love.

With more than 2,500 deserving nonprofits in Charlotte alone, we can only do so much. But we hope that our efforts serve as a catalyst for others within the business community and beyond to discover their calling and explore avenues for meaningful engagement. Together, we can create a brighter, more vibrant future for all residents of the Charlotte region.

As we reflect on the past five years of EmpoWWer and look ahead to the future, we invite you to join us in our commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive community. Whether through volunteerism, philanthropy or advocacy, there are countless ways to make a difference.

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