The Storytelling Power of Photography

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    June 1, 2023

The Storytelling Power of Photography

Creative Photography Work

At its most basic level, good photography provides a strong visual record of a place, documenting its physical features, landmarks, architecture and location.

Great photography, however, tells the story of a place by capturing its essence, atmosphere and narrative. Done exceptionally well, photography can evoke the mood of a place by conveying its unique character and ambiance even after the moments it captured are long gone. It can bring to life the people, communities and cultures of a place in a way that inspires action or moves people to want to know more.

At Wray Ward, we help our clients harness these elements, using photography to weave a narrative that enables the audience to:

  • Engage with the story of a place

  • Connect emotionally

  • Gain a deeper understanding of its significance and meaning

To create photography that successfully tells the story of a place, Wray Ward leans into three mantras:

  • Stay authentic to the real story being told

  • Take a wide perspective versus a singular point of view

  • Never let your own experiences solely dictate what you capture

Let’s break down how we do it by looking at a recent marketing campaign we created for Crescent Communities’ new multifamily development in Denver, Colorado.

A NOVEL Approach to Visual Storytelling

As a nationally recognized real estate developer, Crescent Communities develops high-quality, differentiated multifamily communities marketed under the NOVEL brand. For each new NOVEL project, one of these differentiating factors lies in ensuring that the property is developed in a unique way, with its own identity.

So, as Crescent planned NOVEL RiNo, its development in Denver’s trendy River North Art District, the company knew it needed to establish a brand identity that would help the development feel at home within the area’s eclectic neighborhood.

Wray Ward worked with the NOVEL RiNo team to develop a marketing campaign that reflected this strategic direction while also naturally integrating with the existing RiNo community in Denver.

To tell the NOVEL RiNo story, we used the power of photography to:

  1. Contextualize being part of something bigger

  2. Capture the human connection

  3. Explore the neighborhood experience

Across all three objectives, ​​we tapped photography’s ability to communicate visual narratives that document the story of living in this fun and funky Denver neighborhood.

1. Being Part of a Bigger Existence

Once on location in Denver, we explored the RiNo neighborhood to find images and moments that could convey the heart and soul of the community, allowing interested renters to understand how living at NOVEL RiNo would give them the ability to become part of something bigger.

Photography can provide visual context by capturing the surroundings and elements that shape a place. For RiNo, that meant showing the artistic vibe of the neighborhood. We used these elements to give the audience a better sense of how, by choosing to make NOVEL RiNo their new home, they will open the door to new and exciting experiences.

2. Capturing the Human Connection

In the era of social media, photography has become a language for communicating experiences. And for many, our experiences are defined by who we share them with. For NOVEL RiNo, we sought to capture settings that put the audience in the middle of the experience of calling this place home.

From drinks with friends to a jog with your neighbor, capturing the human connection gives the audience a true sense of the community they will join by becoming a resident at NOVEL RiNo, reflecting that places are shaped by the people who inhabit them.

3. Exploring the Neighborhood Experience

The RiNo neighborhood is a place where Denver’s artists and creators feel at home, offering a high-profile urban culture with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. We photographed local restaurants, boutiques and parks to document how the residents of RiNo, through their unique talents and diverse personalities, create the fabric of the community.

Small photographic details are used throughout the marketing collateral for NOVEL RiNo, providing subtle visual cues that capture the neighborhood’s people, activities and cultural elements. These glimpses of daily life tap into photography’s ability to help the audience connect with the experience of being there, even if they have not physically visited the place.

Putting It All Together

By balancing these three dynamics, we used photography to show how the neighborhood’s artistic, edgy spirit doesn’t end at the building’s front door. Instead, it permeates the entire experience of living at NOVEL RiNo.

Through all elements of our photography, we helped layer and craft a visual story of what makes the experience of calling NOVEL RiNo home so special. Check out the NOVEL RiNo website to see how it all came together.

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