Take Your Video Testimonials to the Next Level

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    September 5, 2019

Take Your Video Testimonials to the Next Level

Work Television and Video

Say goodbye to product features and benefits and farewell to standard video testimonials. When it comes to attracting an audience of building industry professionals, it’s all about the craft. So, what’s the recipe for innovative video content in a sea of sameness?

For Huber Engineered Woods, it’s all about bringing your A-game.

A departure from standard product-centric advertising, the A-game campaign centers on the people — builder professionals — who not only use the products daily but also have a real passion for them. The A-game campaign offers proof that manufacturers can tell a meaningful story worth remembering and sharing — a story that shines a light on the passion builders have for their craft and, subsequently, the products they use. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice emotional elements in order to hammer home product features and benefits. Want to sell your product? Relegating it to the backseat may just be the answer.

Here’s our recipe for success.

Three cups creative storytelling

Combine creativity with an opportunity to focus on the builder first and the product second. Then, stir in a pinch of great storytelling.

The result? In Huber Engineered Woods’ case, a series of profile videos showcasing builders’ true dedication to their craft, culminating in one truly awesome brand spot that seamlessly integrates their stories.

The A-game video campaign centers on the individual stories of builders across the country who bring their best to the jobsite every day. Like custom builder Jake Bruton, who learned the craft from his dad and wants to build houses that make his own kids proud.

By showcasing three distinct stories in three different geographic locations and then combining the stories into one brand spot, Huber Engineered Woods aims to showcase the individual portraits of product users along with their shared passion for the brand. Furthermore, working with their team throughout the extremely intentional preproduction and planning phases, we were able to capture creative, attention-grabbing shots while using resources efficiently.

Though video stars in the A-game campaign, our team had a fully integrated approach in mind prior to filming. This allowed us to capture assets that could be used cross-platform while on-site to film motion. The approach also allowed us to save our client money by eliminating the need for multiple shoots or extra days on-site.

Two cups preparation

Professional on-screen talent knows what to expect. But if you’re working with builders whose real talent is creating durable, beautiful homes that will last for years to come, preproduction is key to helping them feel comfortable on the set and capturing great creative that works hard for your brand. That’s why, in preparing for the A-game campaign, our team held multiple calls with Jake, the first featured builder, to better understand what makes him tick. What does he do for fun? Can he describe a typical day? Why does he care so much about his craft?

Once we got to know him, we planned specific shots with Jake and his crew that would simultaneously show viewers his professional and personal lives through split-screen effects.

Even with weeks of preproduction underway, our team knew a scouting day would be a vital part of the process. Not only did it allow us to add visuals to the shot list, but it also allowed us to connect with Jake on a personal level and draw out key moments during the interview, like this one:

“I always tell potential new clients that (my crew) might look like a bunch of pirates, but they are the most caring craftsmen I can find.” -Jake Bruton

One cup editing genius

When you’re editing three separate episodes and an overarching brand spot, continuity is key. For this project, it was crucial to have the same editor work on each episode. Not only did this allow for great storytelling in the first episode, but it will also allow for seamless integration of scenes from each episode to be featured in split-screen for the final brand spot.

A pinch of fun

Because getting to know these builders and sharing their stories is a lot more interesting than simply stating how a product is more durable and easier to install than competitive brands. Sometimes, it is worth considering a move away from a traditional product-centric approach in favor of telling the emotional story of your brand.

See how Huber Engineered Woods brings their A-game by checking out Jake Bruton’s story below, and stay tuned for more episodes.

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