Status Check: Housing and Remodeling Today

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    Industry Trends

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    February 6, 2017

Status Check: Housing and Remodeling Today

Industry Trends

Do you remember the 2008 housing crash? If you’re in the home or building sector, you likely remember it well. The effects rippled across the country, affecting not only boomers with second homes but also fresh-faced millennials dreaming of owning a home for the first time.

Even if the crash still stings, the U.S. economy made a dramatic recovery. And today every generation has a hand in the significant growth of total housing starts, sales and remodels.

These infographics take a holistic look at American housing and remodeling markets today. Within these growing markets, drivers include home and design trends such as high-efficiency materials and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Will the statistics influence how you do business in 2017?

Housing at a Glance
Remodeling/Home Improvement at a Glance

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