Reaching Consumers Through New Digital Platforms: DesignTV Case Study

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    August 4, 2020

Reaching Consumers Through New Digital Platforms: DesignTV Case Study

Public Relations Media Strategy Work

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, traditional media resources in the home and building category were already under pressure to innovate. With mastheads shrinking and budgets dwindling, smart publications adapted quickly to reach their target audiences in new ways via digital platforms. Meanwhile, brands also became nimbler, with some leading the charge to test novel tactics.

Steam shower company MrSteam was one such early adopter, taking an approach almost as innovative as its industry-leading residential and commercial products. Wray Ward worked with MrSteam to reach consumers focused on wellness-inspired home renovations.

A Timely Message

Steam has the power to ease breathing, promote restful sleep and relieve stress, not to mention aid in allergy and respiratory relief. In fact, MrSteam names more than 40 benefits of steam and considers it a vital part of any wellness routine. And with the pandemic putting wellness concerns at the forefront — all while stay-at-home orders forced people to spend more time in their personal space — MrSteam recognized two distinct, timely opportunities to communicate the benefits of steam at home:

  1. Capitalize on in-home upgrades and remodel projects that were already taking place
  2. Communicate the health benefits of steam to consumers who were now in need of some serious inspiration for at-home self-care

A New Digital Platform

To help our client achieve both marketing goals, Wray Ward partnered with SANDOW media group and its new “live” digital video platform: DesignTV, a quick, effective engagement tool to help communicate the fundamental message of the benefits of steam, in a creative way, to a luxury- and design-minded audience.

Created out of a need for daily content easily accessible through SANDOW’s website and social media channels, DesignTV features exclusive content from the media company’s design brands including Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Metropolis, Galerie and NYCxDESIGN. It airs on Facebook Live and is shared across Interior Design, Metropolis and Luxe Facebook pages, plus those brands’ websites (that’s about 6 million fans). The MrSteam segment helped kick off Health + Wellness Week, a weeklong set of programming that focused on designing for a healthier home.

A Carefully Crafted Campaign

MrSteam’s custom segment was one of the first for DesignTV in the rollout of the new platform. Content featured a 30-minute conversation between interior designer and MrSteam advocate Denise McGaha and Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen. Focused on the benefits of steam and designing for wellness, their chat highlighted Denise’s personal experience with the brand. Denise has designed many homes in the Dallas, Texas, area and even remodeled her own master bathroom to include a MrSteam shower, making her the perfect spokesperson for the brand.

Specifically, the segment touched on many benefits of a steam shower — respiratory health, metabolism boosting and skin-clearing detox to name a few — and the ease with which one could install a MrSteam shower into a new or existing home. Denise showed photos from her own master bathroom and talked about how the vision came together to form a stunning, modern masterpiece that the whole family can use.

Additionally, Wray Ward delivered a social media plan for the broadcast as well as before, during and after promotions, in conjunction with DesignTV. As it was a prerecorded “live” segment, social media content created banter to engage with commenters during the airing of the segment on Facebook Live.


The MrSteam segment ran across Interior Design, Metropolis and Luxe social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and websites, within each brands’ e-newsletters and on IGTV, in addition to MrSteam channels. Within the first week, there were 46,800 total views across Facebook Live and the website, equaling 126,800 total impressions for the brand.

As media platforms continue to evolve, especially in these times, it’s important to evolve with them. Priorities and editorial goals may not have shifted, but the audience has. How can your brand work closely with editors and publishers in the space to take advantage of new platforms?

However you aim to reach your audience, staying nimble will keep your brand competitive during an unprecedented time … and for the long run.

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