Pinterest Analytics Upgrades for Business

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    October 08, 2014

Pinterest Analytics Upgrades for Business

Social Media

A few weeks ago, Pinterest Analytics expanded the reporting capabilities for Pinterest Business accounts. It is a welcome upgrade that provides deeper insight into the performance of Pinterest accounts as well as individual pins. The new and improved data platform can easily complement or enhance a brand or business’s current marketing dashboard. Why is this important? Let’s take a closer look.

Pinterest Analytics - Dashboard

When a user logs in to the platform, they are presented with three main data modules. These modules cover the profile, audience and domain activity associated with the Pinterest account. Each module provides a performance snapshot from the past seven days along with links to delve deeper into the data.

The main analytics dashboard also provides a quick overview of the top five pins from the last 30 days with total impressions, clicks, repins and likes, along with pin type, i.e., whether or not the pin was classified as a “rich” pin. A rich pin includes additional information, such as pricing, and ranks higher in Pinterest search results.

Profile Analytics

Pinterest Analytics - Profile

The profile section provides data on the performance of the Pinterest account as a whole. Metrics provided for data include:

  • Impression data on your account’s top ranking pins
  • Boards with top pin impressions
  • Repin data shown with pin metrics
  • Most clicked pins
  • Boards with the most clicked pins
  • "All-Time" performance covering most repinned, best in search, and power pins

Power pins are pins with a high mix of repins, clicks and more. While the data from the past 30 days gives users a snapshot into what is currently trending from the Pinterest account, the “all-time” performance data is especially helpful when planning new content. This type of insight can help brands build their following on Pinterest as well as optimize their content for their current audience.

Audience Analytics

Pinterest Analytics - Audience

The audience section provides rich data about the viewers of a brand’s Pinterest account. Metrics provided for data include:

  • Demographic data covering age, gender, language and geographic information
  • Interest data outlining content the audience is consuming
  • Other boards with pins from your Pinterest account
  • Brands that your followers also follow

Brands and businesses can take advantage of the audience data in a myriad of ways. Cross-referencing Pinterest audience data with current customer data may reveal opportunities to turn followers into customers through smarter advertising, promotions and content marketing – all based on the followers’ interests. Using this data can help brands deliver a smarter, more relevant message at the right time to the right audience.

Domain Analytics

Pinterest Analytics - Domain

The domain section provides data around the activity from the Pinterest account's website domain. Metrics provided for data include:

  • Pin performance data
  • Device usage (e.g. mobile)
  • Real-time data for button clicks
  • Referral traffic from clicks

The domain section can reveal insight into the performance of your website from a shareability standpoint, as well as provide a barometer for products or ideas that are trending with your consumers. Do certain images get shared more than others? Are your customers trying to pin from your mobile site and not succeeding? Are the products that are being shared the most often also the products that are purchased the most often? Having the answers to these questions can help reveal areas to boost with advertising or promotions to turn more inspirational pins into actual purchases.

We all know how difficult it is to capture your audience’s attention. This platform makes it easy for marketers to track the performance of pins while providing recommendations for optimizing content to keep the audience engaged and inspired.

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