AdvanTech® Flooring Announces 23/32” Subflooring Structural 1 Rated Panel

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    October 07, 2014

AdvanTech® Flooring Announces 23/32” Subflooring Structural 1 Rated Panel

Client News

Huber Engineered Woods, a leading manufacturer of innovative building solutions, announced today its award-winning subflooring is now labeled as a Structural 1 rated panel for greater resistance to wind and seismic loads.

“AdvanTech® flooring is manufactured with design strength and stiffness capacities beyond those required by PS-2, the Performance Standard for wood-based structural panels that all other panels adhere to,” said Jason Darling, general manager of AdvanTech flooring. “A Structural 1 rating reinforces that AdvanTech products are engineered to perform.”

Structural 1 is a designation provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce for wall and roof sheathing panels. AdvanTech panels are being stamped with Structural 1 in the panel grade stamp to meet architectural specifications where Structural 1 is called out for subflooring panels. All products in-stock carry a Structural 1 rating, even if it is not yet labeled.

In addition to the Structural 1 rating, AdvanTech flooring offers the following attributes:

  • High density engineered wood for industry leading strength and stiffness.
  • Advanced moisture resistant resin technology applied through the panel.
  • Industry leading fastener holding power helps keep floors flat and quiet.
  • Patented fastening guide for easy, accurate installation.

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About AdvanTech® Flooring
AdvanTech® flooring delivers the total performance package of strength, fastener holding, moisture resistance, and quality. AdvanTech panels help eliminate floor bounce and squeaks by being manufactured to meet ESR-1785 specifications. This report documents the higher design strength of AdvanTech panels, which also feature fastener holding power to keep fasteners securely in place. These design values are documented in ESR-1785 found at For moisture resistance, AdvanTech flooring, backed by a 500-day no sand guarantee and lifetime limited warranty, has one of the lowest water absorption rates in the wood structural panel industry. AdvanTech flooring has been voted number one in quality for 13 years by builders in a survey by BUILDER magazine. For more information visit

Huber Engineered Woods LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of J.M. Huber Corporation. Headquartered in Edison, N.J., Huber operates a portfolio of companies with a focus on its core engineered materials businesses. Founded in 1883, today Huber is one of the largest family owned companies in the United States. The diversified, multinational company creates products that are used in a broad range of consumer and industrial applications, including building materials, oral care, personal care, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. For more information, see

Huber Engineered Woods offers such specialty products as AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing, as well as ZIP System® wall and ZIP System® roof products. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Huber Engineered Woods has manufacturing operations in Maine, Georgia, Virginia, and Oklahoma, as well as research and development facilities in Georgia. Huber Engineered Woods also serves industrial markets with products for door manufacturers and the transportation industry. For more information, visit

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