On the Road to Somewhere Beautiful

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    Content Marketing, Inspiration

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    April 1, 2021

On the Road to Somewhere Beautiful

Content Marketing Inspiration

Imagine: It’s raining. But it’s raining and it’s 7:30 a.m. In the Carolina way, that means hike up the Hunters, slip on an oversized raincoat and try not to break too much of a sweat while dodging soaking pellets and juggling a still-steaming mug with an unwieldy umbrella.

I usually hit two out of three.

I joined Wray Ward’s Content Marketing team last month, and I couldn’t be more excited. But who am I, how did I get here and why does a new-to-me agency already feel like home?

Best Seat in the House

Growing up in the Tar Heel State, you learn to adjust to the weather. And during my years as a full-time college student — braving a 40-minute commute from Concord to Misenheimer, North Carolina — I also learned to expect the highway traffic that comes with a torrential downpour.

I know what you're thinking. Where is Misenheimer, and why does the E come before the I? Well, maybe I’m the only one questioning the spelling, but to answer the former: Misenheimer is a small town in Stanly County, separated from the city of Albemarle by a quiet, 10-mile stretch of road. It’s also home to Pfeiffer University, where I earned my English degree.

Picture this: Arriving at Pfeiffer’s campus library, trying to tame that fully soaked umbrella, I make an ungraceful entrance. Minutes later, I settle into my usual spot — a round, mahogany table made complete by an oak chair tucked into a corner on the second floor. A panoramic view of books stacked six shelves high makes the modest space better, and it offers a peaceful respite.

“Finally made it,” I say in a hush.

Libraries have long been my safe haven. But truth be told, I never liked the concept of returning the titles I’d checked out. Instead, I wanted to keep my books close.

That’s where bookstores came in. Nearly every weekend growing up, I’d visit one with Mom. Those mother-daughter outings? We still make them a weekend to-do.

The Story that Comes to Life

Writing and reading are the mainstays of my work. And when I’m writing, I find comfort in an intimate space. Walking into my first day on the job at Wray Ward, one of the first things I saw was the newly installed photo wall, a collection of front-porch-style pictures of staff and family members taken in 2020. A tribute to our team’s time working from home during the pandemic, it was all I needed to know that this agency has its own story, and its people serve as the focal point.

The endless options for storytelling, of course, are what keep me inspired at Wray Ward. Instead of writing a final that debates the necessity of the Oxford comma, I’m writing about inspirational home spaces and compelling construction trends.

I specialize in content creation — a match made in heaven for someone so passionate about telling a good story. And that passion took root not in my beloved campus library, but far earlier, during my childhood.

I moved to North Carolina at a young age, so if you ask where I’m from, I’ll tout the North Carolina native descriptor like a badge of honor. From its stunning mountain views in the west to its beautiful coastlines, culture, history and sense of community in the east, our state always has a story to tell.

There’s No Place Like Home

Home: Whether it’s the state that welcomed me long ago or the place where I rest my head every night, home is where I seek inspiration. And the home and building category is deeply concerned with how we experience the spaces we call home. Builders and interior designers — the magic makers you can catch me binge-watching on HGTV — all have one goal in common: to make spaces functional, livable and comfortable. Spaces that someone can be proud to call their own.

Today, I’m excited to combine my editorial experience and passion for storytelling with my passion for home. After all, hitting the passion points is a key part of telling a good story, and for me, creating a true sense of place is at the top of the list.

Wray Ward has given me that privilege, and that’s why I start each day grateful to call this agency home.

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