Industry Influencers Share Takeaways from the 2018 International Builders' Show

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    Industry Trends

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    January 24, 2018

Industry Influencers Share Takeaways from the 2018 International Builders' Show

Industry Trends

The 2018 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando was a whirlwind. Between attending panel discussions, facilitating media appointments and participating in client events, we had a quick second to catch up with a few industry influencers.

We sat down with trend experts Elias Kababie, an architect, furniture designer and owner of Kababie Arquitectos, and Claire Walsh, a creative and color consultant who previously worked as head of design, color and material strategy for Stylus. After their Masonite panel discussion, Kababie and Walsh shared quick thoughts on this year’s trade show. 

What do you enjoy most about the International Builders’ Show? 

Kababie: What I enjoy most about coming to IBS is meeting people from different industries and seeing the work of trend forecasters. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Masonite panel discussions with fellow industry influencer Claire Walsh, who happens to be a trend forecaster. From talking with her and listening to her presentation at IBS, I learned how many different factors like color, texture, materials and lifestyle influence trend.

Walsh: My favorite part about IBS is meeting other influencers and experts. It’s a chance to learn what other exhibitors are bringing to the industry. Having attended this trade show before, I’m starting to see how businesses are changing their mindset. More B2B businesses are thinking more in terms of lifestyle and about the consumer. They’re finding ways to simplify the customer experience, even though the business itself doesn’t directly work with the end consumer. It’s an interesting shift in the industry. 

What’s one innovative or smart product you’ve seen at a booth?

Kababie: A technology trailer.

Walsh: Smart tech tools for home safety, and a sensor that can communicate a bursting pipe or excessive moisture in the home.

Are you ready to make a bold prediction for 2018? 

Kababie: Having worked in a variety of industries like fashion, architecture, interior design and furniture, I see the 2018 design trend being all about patterns, lines and empowering the use of color and texture. People are believing more in color. We’ve been accustomed to using lots of gray, black, white and earth colors, but now, it’s all about adding a pop of color and mixing in different textures.

Walsh: I believe that incorporating user experience into the home and building industry will really start to take off in 2018. We’re seeing more technology being used in hospitality and retail spaces, and it’s becoming a real consideration in homes as our spaces become more mixed use. For instance, our kitchen is a space in which we eat, cook, relax and even work, so we need these spaces to be more functional and contribute to our experiences there.

As we walked more than 10,000 steps across the show floor each day, we couldn’t help but notice these predictions taking form (while we shamelessly indulged in free coffee, chocolates and swag). We saw a number of pavilions devoted to home automation, and exhibitors really stepped things up with the use of eye-catching colors and signage. 

Next year, we’re off to Sin City to see what 2019 has in store for the home and building industry.

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