How Our New Studio Is Helping Transform Visual Storytelling

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    Photography, Video Production

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    August 28, 2017

How Our New Studio Is Helping Transform Visual Storytelling

Photography, Video Production

How can creative teams produce better performing work that’s compelling enough to rise above the noise? How can they better manage resources and maximize efficiencies?

I’m excited to share one new way we’re answering the call.

Welcome to The Studio, Wray Ward’s new, dedicated space for photography and video production. More than anything else, The Studio is a space for makers. A place where gorgeous product photos and augmented reality videos and national TV spots are captured. A place rich with natural light and bold ideas and technical skill.

The Studio makes us nimbler than ever, because it’s a creative laboratory that’s always open. It’s a place to experiment and try new things and do dry runs without the meter running. It’s a place that’s always available, around the corner from our office, whenever inspiration strikes. It’s a place where in-house photographers, videographers, animators, directors, producers and editors prove that “team” is always better than “one.”  

With a conference room, kitchen and comfortable lounge area, The Studio is also an ideal environment for ideation sessions and rough-cut screenings and the kind of five-minute chats that inspire enduring campaigns.

Do you remember when the first digital cameras hit the market? Imagine the excitement of knowing that for the first time, you could view shots you’d captured on a computer and see right away if they worked. Much like those early digital tools, The Studio opens windows and doors. It’s an opportunity to make something special in a way that’s both cost-effective and efficient and in a way that doesn’t interrupt the creative process.

Marketers live to create and push boundaries. We thrive on curiosity. That’s why we’ll always be driven by the allure of a blank canvas or a new page or a green screen. And in today’s world, compelling visual storytelling isn’t an option — it’s a must. We accept the challenge, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Let’s work together to capture your story. Want to tour The Studio or learn more about our capabilities? Contact us. 

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