Homeowners Want to Feel at Home for a Lifetime

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    Industry Trends, Marketing Insights

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    March 24, 2014

Homeowners Want to Feel at Home for a Lifetime

Industry Trends, Marketing Insights

A recent article in the Washington Post addressed the growing number of people who prefer to age in place. The article reports that the majority of older Americans want to live in their homes permanently, without the assistance of caregivers.

Today’s homeowners want homes that are designed for the changes that come with age, but they don’t want to sacrifice style. The concept of “universal design” emphasizes accessibility for all without sacrificing design aesthetics. For example, shower grab bars are safety features that are often associated with institutional or hospital settings. But they can be integrated in a striking way and, with thoughtful placement, can help anyone – from grandparents to grandchildren.

This trend is a good sign for home marketers who understand sustainable, “healthy” homes. The key is to bring to the table new products and ideas that offer advanced features, improve the aesthetic appeal of the home and benefit a broad audience. While handsome shower bars are great, you can’t stop there. Following are additional elements that homeowners of any age can appreciate:

  • Zero-threshold showers
  • Non-slip floors that are stylish and on-trend
  • Innovative, accessible storage solutions
  • Open floor plans that are light, airy and spacious
  • Technology features that make a “smart” home smarter, such as remote-controlled heating and air and “smart” lighting
  • Homes with two master suites
  • Elevators, though they’re desired by a smaller niche; most prefer a one-story home

Good news: this is a movement that’s not only on the upswing – it’s sustainable. The baby boomer generation is huge, but the boomers aren’t the only ones who want to feel at home for a lifetime. Their children are thinking ahead, and their grandchildren can appreciate universal design, too – because universal design done well appeals to everyone.

Home is where the heart is, and now is the time for innovation. What creative ideas do you have to help homeowners stay put?

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