EmpoWWer Service Grants: Gifts That Keep on Giving

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    November 1, 2023

EmpoWWer Service Grants: Gifts That Keep on Giving


The most wonderful time of the year comes early at Wray Ward. It arrives on November 1, to be exact.

That’s because, every November, we open our EmpoWWer marketing service grant program for applications. Now through December 31, nonprofit organizations across the Charlotte region have the opportunity to apply for marketing service grants from Wray Ward. These gifts, in turn, allow us to provide strategic marketing communications work for deserving organizations.

Our EmpoWWer program is heartwarming and fun. Frankly, it’s also the right thing to do.

This week, with the call for applications for our sixth annual EmpoWWer program, Wray Ward proudly continues the tradition of giving that’s been our agency’s hallmark for decades. EmpoWWer feeds our souls by allowing our team members to donate their time and talent. More important, it nourishes our community by giving nonprofit groups the tools they need to effect change for good in the community.

Think your organization deserves a close look for 2024 support — or know one that does? Keep reading.

How to Apply for an EmpoWWer Service Grant

Organizations that are interested in applying to the Wray Ward EmpoWWer program should:

  • Share their story

  • Tell us where our team’s strategic planning, creative ideating, design chops and tactical expertise can complement their vision

Apply between November 1 and December 31, 2023, to be considered for a 2024 EmpoWWer service grant.

EmpoWWer Supports Deserving Organizations, but It’s a Two-Way Street

I consider myself lucky to work for a company that prioritizes its commitment to the community through a formalized program that has donated more than $700,000 of time to deserving nonprofit organizations. We’ve built websites, developed logos and branding kits, written social media strategies, helped with identifying target audiences, created ad campaigns and other marketing materials, and trained nonprofits on how to do public relations.

Furnish for Good is just one example of an EmpoWWer client whose mission and story resonate for me. We are currently branding their individual giving society, an exercise that has enabled us to meet with them at their facility and interact with their passionate staff.

While still a young organization, Furnish for Good has accomplished so much. Their story of assisting people and approaching everyone in need with respect while instilling the process with dignity reinforces how important nonprofits are. In fact, I’ve yet to meet an EmpoWWer partner who isn’t passionate about what they do, and I’m thrilled to be in a role that allows me to help them tell their stories.

But I’m not the only member of the Wray Ward staff who has been touched by EmpoWWer.

This incredible program has introduced our employees to a range of groups in the Charlotte area. It’s been one of the best byproducts of the program if you consider that, when we established it in 2018, we did so partially to grow generations of charitable-minded individuals who would go forth and do good work in the community.

That goal has been met, over and over again. EmpoWWer clients have received service grants from Wray Ward. But they have also found committee members, volunteers, advocates, donors and board members among our Wray Ward employees.

EmpoWWer has become the gift that keeps on giving.

And, that’s just how we intended it. After all, as Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Learn more about EmpoWWer and apply for a service grant.

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