4 Themes That Will Drive Home and Building Marketing in 2022

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    February 1, 2022

4 Themes That Will Drive Home and Building Marketing in 2022

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Believe it: We’re approaching the two-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic declaration. And, somewhere along the way, the constant unpredictability of the pandemic has actually become … predictable. People have been adapting to the new normal for some time now, and many pandemic-driven mindset shifts and behavioral changes are likely here to stay.

In particular, four current themes will continue to play a major role in the home and building category — throughout 2022 and, in some cases, well into the future.

1. The booming housing market will fuel home renovation activity.

    Can you remember a time when the market was this red-hot? Well, it’s not just your imagination. What began as a pandemic-fueled demand for housing transformed into a 15-year high for home sales in 2021. Now, experts predict that sales will remain elevated, despite a record-low home supply in the United States (the market is short by several million homes).

    What becomes of low supply and high demand?

    That’s right: Home prices will continue to soar through the roof in 2022, pricing many young and first-time buyers out of the market. However, these pressures will continue to generate a high demand for home improvement products and services, as those who are priced out of buying another home settle for enhancing the residence they already have. Meanwhile, those lucky enough to snag a house on the open market will bolster the renovation boom as they rush to make it their own.

    2. Sustained supply chain disruptions will stretch businesses.

      If you work in the home and building category (or in virtually any industry) — or if you’ve shopped for groceries this year — you’ve felt the effects of supply chain shortages. Constraints are not only contributing to sustained high home prices, they are causing delays to home improvement projects and leaving distribution centers empty-handed.

      Unfortunately, anything as vastly complex as the global supply chain isn’t going to resolve itself quickly. In 2022, expect the continuation of the kind of whack-a-mole supply problems that plagued 2021, including delays and wide swings in pricing.

      Systems, when disrupted, are slow to adapt — that’s the bad news. The good news is that people are remarkably adaptive, and home improvement types even more so. Builders, suppliers, contractors and manufacturers are adept at problem-solving (e.g., coming up with creative solutions to sourcing or manufacturing, or innovating alternative materials). There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best, but in the meantime, planning for the inevitable will usher success in the current reality.

      3. Demand for contractors will soar.

      According to LBM Journal, DIY activity in the home spiked in the earliest months of the pandemic. By 2022, homeowners have wrapped up a notable portion of the projects they were able to handle themselves, but many are still hoping to make improvements to the spaces where they are spending hours a day due to online school or work-from-home situations. Because homeowners are also more comfortable now with the idea of inviting others into their homes, they will be seeking out contractors for the larger projects that exceed their own abilities.

      4. Homeowners will prioritize wellness for the long run.

      As the COVID-19 pandemic stubbornly persists, wellness considerations are no longer short-term responses. Likewise, the desire for wellness is now a major driver of behaviors and mindsets. And, as millennials continue to graduate to homeownership, their focus on the environment and sustainability will drive demand for products that serve that purpose.

      The combined focus on wellness, sustainability and the need to create more spacious and natural living environments will make trends such as biophilic design even more critical in home spaces.

      “The trend of homeowners wanting to feel as though they’re outdoors even when they can’t be is expected to continue as nature is considered a boon to wellness.” – Pro Remodeler

      On the physical health side, indoor air quality for the HVAC industry will also continue to take off. We’ve already seen this in residential buildings, but expect more of an emphasis in multifamily and especially commercial builds, considering the looming questions around health and safety in offices, venues and other public-space environments.

      Trends may change, but the truth does not.

      My best advice? In order to prepare for the year ahead as well as the great beyond, it is crucial to understand the market by keeping an eye on activity, understanding evolving homeowner needs and mindsets, and finding ways to get ahead of the curve. Doing so will help businesses in the home and building space differentiate themselves, stand out and remain relevant.

      Wray Ward specializes in the home and building category, and collectively, our experts have decades of experience navigating the industry landscape. If your business is stuck in a rut or needs help navigating the new normal, email me.

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