3 Dynamic Shifts for the Home and Building Category in 2021

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    Industry Trends, Brand Strategy

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    February 18, 2021

3 Dynamic Shifts for the Home and Building Category in 2021

Industry Trends Brand Strategy

The happenings of 2020 threw a wrench into marketing plans for brands in the home and building category. From the COVID-19 pandemic and protests to financial market swings and a contentious election season, most businesses faced an array of hurdles (and continue to do so). But for a resilient home and building category, three huge changes for the consumer mindset leave reason to be optimistic.

What are industry marketing pros most excited about in 2021? What challenges are they bracing for? How will the industry continue to evolve? Here’s what some of our clients had to say.

We are reshaping our marketing priorities.

The pandemic forever changed our relationship with the space we call home. Boral Stone Products’ Sarah Lograsso said brands’ messaging has to reflect this new way of thinking.

“People all over the world are taking a fresh look at their home spaces in a way we've never seen before. This is a crucial time to showcase the wide range of solutions and styles we can bring to the table for any design conversation.”

Courtney Hampson of Palmetto Bluff, a unique community in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, said people have a different and more intense appreciation for home.

“The meaning of home is more important than ever. I think there is a greater appreciation for home and what and who you fill and surround it with. Indoor and outdoor spaces matter.”

Lograsso also pointed out that the landscape is constantly changing.

“Our brands help customers transform their homes into havens, a trend that will only continue to grow. Our own increased amount of time at home has enabled us to speak to people in different ways this past year, and we anticipate that the dialogue around improving the feel and appeal of residential spaces will continue to expand. Through continued product innovation and trend-forward design decisions, we are excited to help our customers forge new connections with one another and their immediate environment.”

We are leaning into wellness at home more than ever.

A heightened concern for wellness is a driving force. Martha Orellana of MrSteam, a manufacturer of high-quality steam shower products, says the pandemic has opened people’s eyes to the possibilities of products and spaces that support greater well-being.

“We are bracing for fatigue — starting with Zoom, social distancing and lack of physical contact with others,” she said. “However, there has been a great opportunity for people who have stayed home to evaluate their surroundings — and to become aware of the possibilities.

“That starts with wellness. What better way to live that wellness than by converting your bathroom into a spa? Steam plays an integral part of this journey, so I’m very optimistic about the upcoming year. And looking forward, we are aiming for touchless, automatic, wireless everything!”

Meanwhile, COVID-19 supercharged the general public’s awareness of and concern for indoor air quality. Erica Admire of Global Plasma Solutions said the company, a leader in indoor air quality, anticipates this focus carrying well into the future.

“We are excited about the tremendous category growth we are seeing. Awareness around the importance of indoor air quality is at an all-time high. Undoubtedly, this will draw new entrants to the industry, so Global Plasma Solutions is making further investments in lab and field research to reinforce our position as the well-established, proven choice for ionization technology that addresses particles and pathogens in the air.”

We are applying a new lens to brand decision-making.

Unprecedented times have created unprecedented opportunities for change. Palmetto Bluff’s Hampson said she’s excited about new ideas and mindsets.

“2020 made me ask more questions and follow reasoning a little further as we make decisions. It also afforded us the opportunity for a complete reset, which you rarely get.

“The challenge to my team in 2021 planning was to look at all of our tactics across every channel and dig just a little deeper. There are no rules right now.”

Boral’s Lograsso echoed this sentiment.

“Though incredibly challenging, 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to step back and assess our brands, products and go-to-market strategy with fresh eyes. People are more discerning about what they surround themselves with and have changed the way they research, sample and select products for their home.

“In response, we revitalized our positioning approach and started rolling out virtual-friendly product selection resources for our customers that will further empower them to make decisions to suit their unique spaces.”

The challenges of the past year? Relentless at times, and they’ve also been unlike anything else we’ve experienced. But even as marketers continue to adjust and adapt, that light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter. How will you and your brand navigate this brave new world?

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