Charlotte Center City Partners

Charlotte Center City Partners


Developing a brand identity that boldly and authentically positions the Uptown area as the economic, cultural and social heart of the Charlotte region. 

Project Overview

What We Did

In an effort to clearly define and promote Charlotte’s Center City and its three distinct geographical entities: Uptown, South End and the historic West End, to multiple audiences, we worked with Charlotte Center City Partners to develop a new positioning and brand identity for Uptown.


The new branding distinctly positions and promotes Uptown Charlotte as the region’s most dynamic, accessible, attractive and enviable place to do business and experience life.

A colorful logo combined with emotive, candid and unexpected photography forges authentic emotional connections with diverse sets of audiences. The branding imagery successfully sets Uptown apart from other areas by conveying the vitality unique to this urban area.


To better define Uptown’s DNA and effectively characterize its unique offerings and experiences, we crafted a new logo ensuring our messaging approach was strategically catered to local audiences. The updated branding redefines and portrays Uptown as the vibrant, friendly and welcoming city center that it is.

Out of Home

Supporting street signs, banners and more conveyed the look and feel of the new brand imagery.


The website focused on a renewed energy showing people out and about enjoying Uptown’s outdoor dining, parks, public art, and more. The digital properties successfully expanded the messaging allowing for a customized experience.


Imagery is the most obvious and visual expression of a brand, and it was important to differentiate Uptown from other areas with a unique photography point of view. We captured visuals that suggest togetherness along with images of people in places that are captivating, candid and unexpected that had enough emotion and vibrancy to feel inviting and authentic like a moment in time, not staged or contrived.