With media, it’s all about location, location, location.

From ads, sponsorships and events to brand experiences and product placement, our team finds the best ways to put brands in places that will connect with audiences.

Known for its sophisticated planning, tenacious negotiating and highly effective results, our Media team makes sure your message reaches your target audience online, offline and every line that’s somewhere in between. Working hand in hand with our Insights and Creative teams, we develop smart approaches that allow us to focus our efforts and zero in on your target audience in ways that build awareness, drive consideration and generate conversions.

With an audience-centric approach, we build customized plans that incorporate a diverse media mix, including all traditional forms of paid media as well as digital video, ad networks, mobile applications, native advertising, content delivery networks and social media.

Our Media team provides immense value in strategizing, planning and negotiating the best rates and programs for our clients using clear, previously agreed-upon fees — never through markups or commissions. The savings and value-added opportunities we negotiate are always given directly to our clients. Whether we’re working with third-party ad-serving networks, programmatic platforms, social media, trading desks or even paid search, our policies and procedures ensure transparency and the best possible rates for our clients.

Take a look at some of the ways we help brands get results.

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