An extension of your team, on ours.

Account leads are your voice within our agency, delivering strategic work that’s also better performing.

Your account lead is as much a part of your team as they are ours. They’re your day-to-day representative, advocate and steward within our agency, working across departments to ensure your voice and goals are always being heard loud and clear.

Using proprietary Wray Ward tools, our account leads don’t just learn your objectives. They internalize them. Responsible for leading the planning process, our team works to develop effective and engaging strategies that find the exact point where your brand goals and your target audience’s needs intersect. Then, we help identify the best teams, people and resources within our agency to execute your strategy with better performing work.

Throughout the process, we use built-in QA checkpoints to proactively track our progress and address challenges before they arise. With a 360-degree view of your overarching brand goals and your specific objectives for each individual project, our team ensures we exceed your expectations with a process that runs smoothly from kickoff through execution.

Take a look at some of the ways we help brands get results.

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