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Talent Development Director

The Talent Development Director innovates, maintains and manages resources, processes and systems as they relate to the employee life cycle. This includes recruitment, interviewing, on-boarding, benefits and compensation, performance review management, employee relations and employee exits to foster a positive and engaging employee experience.


  • Partners with Management and Finance teams for staffing needs and recruitment
  • Work with and supports Management team and Directors for timely and ongoing performance reviews, ongoing talent development/training initiatives and opportunities that align with agency goals
  • Assists with vetting viable candidates to match talent and skillset with each search, including the logistics of the interview process
  • Ensures the recruitment pipeline is effective and efficient, managing relationships with recruiters and utilization of the appropriate recruitment resources for each search
  • Assists in the recruitment and implementation of the Wray Ward Internship Program — FORM — each year, fostering a resource continuum of young talent (foster relationships with universities)
  • Participates in the strategic evaluation of benefits programs and maintains employee records and enrollments including FMLA and COBRA administration and 401(k) administration
  • Provides counsel to employees on wide-ranging issues, including policies, benefits, compensation, performance reviews, employee relations and training opportunities
  • Maintains and updates agency employee policies
  • Assists with employee exit interviews, identifying trends and issues, and reviews with Directors
  • Ensures that all HR processes, programs and employee records meet federal and state legal requirements
  • Supports and fosters a diverse and respectful work environment
  • Fosters strong relationships between all agency teams and the Corporate Services team (Finance, Operations and Human Resources)
  • Champions agency process and best practices
  • Positively impacts agency culture with employee engagement initiatives


  • Bachelor’s degree and appropriate HR certifications with five or more years of human resources/talent development experience
  • Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and MS Outlook skills are necessary
  • Benefits and payroll reporting knowledge
  • Knowledge of financial accounting reporting

Skills and Experience

  • Attention to detail required with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proven examples of conflict management and sound judgment
  • Ability to manage multiple projects while maintaining daily tasks
  • Strong consulting skills providing the ability to work with a variety of employees, management team, directors, and agency partners and vendors
  • 5 years+ of marketing communications agency experience in Human Resources or Talent Development

 Communication Skills

  • Proven success fostering relationships and building confidence with peers, managers and directors with the ability to show diplomacy, flexibility and confidence under pressure
  • Listen well and solve problems to achieve the most effective outcome
  • Develop strong and trusted relationships across the agency

Culture Alignment

At Wray Ward, we firmly believe that internal and client relationships are a key to our success. Certain attitudes define how we work and are important in what we seek for our culture and mission. Key Agency attitudes are:

We, not me
We check our egos at the door. As a result, we thrive in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diverse professionals and invites everyone to contribute their best.

Ask “what if?”
Always going beyond what is and considering what could be, we create unexpected possibilities that differentiate our brands and accelerate their success.

Be fearless
Creativity demands that we hold nothing back. So we mutually support each other in speaking up, taking risks and courageously contributing audacious, unedited, unconventional ideas.

Nail it
Everything we do is about results. We not only achieve our clients’ goals, but continually exceed their expectations. Every person here shares individual responsibility for their own, our agency’s and our clients’ success.

Day in and day out, we will passionately create the most innovative, engaging and effective work in the home category – we will live it, we will breathe it, and we will own it.

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