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Senior Designer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

A senior designer is responsible for concepting, designing and design support for the Creative team, across both traditional and digital platforms. You will develop innovative, creative solutions and materials based on approved campaign creative direction and produce materials for creative and client presentations. Additionally, you will contribute creative input to other agency processes, such as Ideation sessions and Business Development efforts.

Communication Skills

  • Communicate in a clear, coherent and professional manner
  • Conduct clear and candid communication with team members
  • Listen well and solve problems to achieve the most effective outcome for the client, team and agency
  • Develop strong relationships across the agency
  • Represent the team and Wray Ward in a positive manner in all endeavors
Leadership Responsibilties
  • Be the agency’s leading expert in design and design support
  • Be accountable for delivering high-quality work on time and on budget
  • Convey the role of the Creative team agency wide, building confidence in and understanding of the discipline and offering
  • Be a team player, inspiring trust and teamwork among the team and throughout the agency
  • Demonstrate a passion for always doing the best work
  • Collaborate among multiple departments effectively and efficiently
  • Conduct business with a conscientious, straightforward and dedicated work ethic
  • Respect all equally — internally and externally
  • Passionately uphold the agency brand, culture and values


  • BFA in visual/graphic design or formal design training
  • At least seven years of design experience with experience working as an art director/designer in an agency or creative environment
  • Experience developing successful concepts and implementing them through design solutions, many of which have been adopted by clients
  • Passion for making it easier for people to understand complex ideas
  • Expertise in the tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Flash and PowerPoint) required to do your work and the drive to maintain that expertise
  • Strong portfolio of proven, innovative, solid work
Reports to: VP, Creative Director; VP, Executive Creative Director

Culture Alignment

At Wray Ward, we firmly believe that internal and client relationships are a key to our success. Certain attitudes define how we work and are important in what we seek for our culture and mission. Key Agency attitudes are:

We, not me
We check our egos at the door. As a result, we thrive in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diverse professionals and invites everyone to contribute their best.

Ask “what if?”
Always going beyond what is and considering what could be, we create unexpected possibilities that differentiate our brands and accelerate their success.

Be fearless
Creativity demands that we hold nothing back. So we mutually support each other in speaking up, taking risks and courageously contributing audacious, unedited, unconventional ideas.

Nail it
Everything we do is about results. We not only achieve our clients’ goals, but continually exceed their expectations. Every person here shares individual responsibility for their own, our agency’s and our clients’ success.

Day in and day out, we will passionately create the most innovative, engaging and effective work in the home category – we will live it, we will breathe it, and we will own it.

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