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Account Lead

An Account Lead (AL) passionately cultivates, strengthens and grows client relationships. Account Leads conscientiously prepare and implement client development plans including financial, strategic, creative, relationship and operational aspects of their clients’ marketing communications needs and solutions.

Account Leads foster brand team creativity and Ideation of brand-building ideas. The AL ensures that ideas are on strategy and well positioned to gain support within client organizations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities as Account Lead:

  • Manage successful, profitable and trust-based relationships with clients
  • Ensure that the strategic goals of the brand/client are communicated to the client team and met through the work
  • Work closely with Insights team to frame and participate in strategy development and to set and measure brand goals
  • Work closely and effectively with Project Managers so that projects proceed as anticipated and that strategic goals are met; and to anticipate obstacles and aggressively address concerns that could undermine client relationships
  • Help the Insights team analyze research and present findings to clients
  • Connect marketing goals and strategic solutions to the broader business context
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving abilities and foster innovative solutions
  • Ensure that the client team meets the agency goal of providing a continuous flow of brand-building ideas
  • Always strive for best results and maintain excitement about involvement with Clients and their brands
  • Collaborate with the Director of Client Engagement (DCE) for client plans and budgets, and follow up on how the plans are being implemented
  • Take ownership of and retain accountability for all client plans and budgets
  • Collaborate with the DCE and follow up on how the plans are being implemented
  • Make good use of Insights to stay informed and leverage industry trends
  • Intuitively understand the dynamics of clients’ businesses
  • Stay in tune with all account activity and anticipate potential issues or dissatisfaction, proactively taking steps to remedy concerns
  • Present plans, recommendations, work and analysis to clients
  • Explore growth opportunities within existing business and for new business/clients
  • Play an active role in ensuring successful on-boarding for new clients

Communication Skills  

  • Demonstrate excellent written, verbal and listening skills
  • Be comfortable and adept in representing WW with a client’s senior management
  • Demonstrate outstanding presentation skills in formal and informal settings and be an excellent meeting leader
  • Communicate in a clear, coherent and professional manner
  • Be self-assured as well as sensitive when leading client team members
  • Maintain a candid professional relationship with other Wray Ward staff

Other Responsibilities

  • Be a team builder and a team player
  • Inspire a contagious passion for strategic creative solutions
  • Model a conscientious, straightforward and dedicated work ethic – talk the talk and walk the walk
  • Respect all equally – internally and externally
  • Passionately uphold the agency brand, culture and values
  • Collaborate among multiple departments effectively and efficiently
  • Be accountable for meeting goals and expectations


  • 10+ years of agency experience in leading accounts or equivalent client experience in marketing management roles
  • Demonstrated success in attracting, managing & growing clients
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Proven track record of taking projects and initiatives from insights to objectives to strategies to tactics
  • Demonstrated success in leading teams without direct reporting relationship

Culture Alignment

At Wray Ward, we firmly believe that internal and client relationships are a key to our success. Certain attitudes define how we work and are important in what we seek for our culture and mission. Key Agency attitudes are:

We, not me
We check our egos at the door. As a result, we thrive in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diverse professionals and invites everyone to contribute their best.

Ask “what if?”
Always going beyond what is and considering what could be, we create unexpected possibilities that differentiate our brands and accelerate their success.

Be fearless
Creativity demands that we hold nothing back. So we mutually support each other in speaking up, taking risks and courageously contributing audacious, unedited, unconventional ideas.

Nail it
Everything we do is about results. We not only achieve our clients’ goals, but continually exceed their expectations. Every person here shares individual responsibility for their own, our agency’s and our clients’ success.

Day in and day out, we will passionately create the most innovative, engaging and effective work in the home category – we will live it, we will breathe it, and we will own it.

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