Wray Ward Gets Up Close and Personal with Concrete

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    March 29, 2017

Wray Ward Gets Up Close and Personal with Concrete

Client News

We thrive on storytelling. The best stories are personal. That’s why, when Wray Ward partners with a new client, we make it our business to really understand and become a part of theirs. 

We fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds through plant tours, product education days and hands-on trainings – whatever it takes. (Some of us even have our own pair of worn jeans and work boots for field trips.) We get to know our clients’ businesses and products so well that we can’t help but point out a Sunbrella® sofa, Daltile® floor or Moen® faucet in our friends’ homes.

Because we get to know more than the average consumer, we also insist on quality throughout our own homes. Personally, I find it impossible to walk down the aisle at the local big box store without straightening boxes on the shelves or asking store associates loaded questions to gain any little insight I can (I usually don’t make a lot of friends on the lumber aisle).

So, when concrete leader Sakrete®, the original brand of bagged concrete, invited our team to help with content development, creative, media and consumer research, we asked them to teach us everything they know about concrete.

What’s the difference between concrete and cement?

How do you know what mix to use for which project?

Why are there different types of mortar?

How does someone know what to buy when they are in the store?

We’re happy the Sakrete team offered to feed our hunger for knowledge with a Concrete College day at their offices.

Lee, a Sakrete associate who has done some impressive concrete design work of his own, took us through the basics and then some. He taught us everything from using Sakrete's concrete calculator to skim coating a dry stack wall with Surface Bonding Cement to patching cracks and chips in patios to applying stone veneers. Lee gave us a small glimpse into the work the Sakrete team does each day.

Best of all, we were able to witness first-hand the way the company works, how invested and knowledgeable their employees are, and the passion that drives them when they talk about their products. We didn’t flip our tassels or throw our caps in the air, but we graduated from Concrete College with more than a working knowledge of Sakrete products. We left with something that is invaluable for marketers — an insider’s point-of-view.

You might even say we left with a concrete understanding of the Sakrete story. And we’re proud that now, it’s part of our story, too.

Welcome to the Wray Ward family, Sakrete. We’re happy to have such a solid partner.

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