These Students Are Empowering Their Own Bright Future

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    April 16, 2019

These Students Are Empowering Their Own Bright Future

Agency News

At Wray Ward, every day of the year represents an opportunity to think bigger and deliver great work that’s also better performing. But summer brings a special spark — and no, it’s not the Carolina sunshine or hard-earned vacation time, though we like those things, too.

Our favorite part about the summer months at Wray Ward? It has to be the prospect of a fresh crop of talented, driven students joining our eight-week internship program, FORM.

With more than 540 applicants competing for a handful of spots, these young people represent the best of the best, and we’re proud to welcome them to the Wray Ward family. 

We asked the incoming interns a few questions to help the rest of the world get to know them — from the music playing in their headphones and the culinary treats that inspire their best creative work to what the word “empower” means to them. 

Want to know what drives these rising stars? Keep reading.

Hudson Hausmann, Client Engagement (University of Puget Sound) 

Hudson’s go-getter attitude will be the perfect fit for his role in client engagement and an incredible asset when he searches the Charlotte food scene for the best bowl of pho. What does empower mean to Hudson? “It means going a step beyond giving someone a fair chance by bringing them up and supporting them until they have excelled. A team’s success is extremely reliant on teammates’ ability to empower one another.”

Payton Cianfarano, Copywriting (University of Pittsburgh) 

Payton has a unique knack for storytelling through both words and visuals. Her creativity will help the FORM interns write a new chapter with their team project this summer. “Empower means to reclaim everything that has been used to put you down and make it your own,” Payton said. “Turning the negatives into positives, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.”

Kyle Geiger, Digital Media (University of Michigan)

He may be the youngest of the bunch, but he's no slouch. Kyle, a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business, brings a well-spoken, bright and positive presence to a rock star team. Stir-fry and songs from Allen Stone and Lizzo help power his top-notch grades and passionate support for Type 1 diabetes research. 

Kyle says that empowerment is synonymous with hope and opportunity. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know him better this summer. 

Parks Sadler, Graphic Design (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Just like his favorite artist, Dolly Parton, Parks is no stranger to working hard 9-to-5. His application left no doubt that he has a special passion for this space, and he should be a great asset for FORM and Wray Ward.

Parks says that “empowerment is being confident enough that seeing others be successful is equally as important as your success, and living by the law of abundance, not of scarcity.”

Justine Vandermel, Public Relations (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

This UNC junior wowed us with her versatile writing skills, which may be influenced by her eclectic taste in music. Luckily, with a breadth of compelling projects for multiple clients waiting in the wings, Justine won’t have to pick just one genre this summer. 

Justine says empower is “best defined as an act of enabling another entity — whether it be a person or a large organization — to operate with the self-assurance necessary to improve its performance and capabilities for growth through the strategic implementation of enhanced resources and expertise.” Wow. 

Matt Ball, UX Design and Development (Miami University of Ohio)

This chicken pot pie lover has a warm personality and tasteful mix of talents in the digital sphere, and he’s sure to bring a positive dynamic to the Digital and FORM teams this summer. Matt sees “empower” as the act of “giving someone opportunity and making them stronger.”

Eliza Robinson, Video (Middlebury College)

Eliza’s application made it clear that she has an eye for composition, which is probably why she can spot the best ice cream in even the most crowded grocery store freezer (black raspberry chip is her favorite flavor).

When it comes to empower? Eliza says “the word goes hand in hand with the individual and their community — it’s how my actions and attitudes elevate the mentality and behavior of those around me. My actions give others the courage to try new things and feel confident in their abilities.”

We’re just weeks away from the team’s first day on June 3. Want to watch these future stars grow and learn with Wray Ward this summer? Subscribe to our blog and follow FORM on Instagram @form.wrayward. 

Meanwhile, are you interested in applying next year, or do you know a student who would make a great fit for FORM? Our interns leave Wray Ward with valuable experience doing great work and living a vibrant agency culture. It’s never too early to learn more about the program, polish a resume or brainstorm creative ideas for an application. After all, each of our incoming interns did something different to stand out in a crowded field. Get creative — we want to know your story!

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