The TLDR on IG Video Trends and Why It’s the GOAT for Your Brand

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    October 8, 2019

The TLDR on IG Video Trends and Why It’s the GOAT for Your Brand

Social Media

Are you still following along? In the age of social media, it’s not enough to be up to date on the lingo. You can be trending in minutes and irrelevant in seconds. Social media is instant, it’s ever-changing, and what worked two months ago will likely not be best practice by the end of the year.

So, if you’re not familiar with the term “Too Long Didn’t Read” or haven’t explored the possibilities of Instagram catapulting your brand to the status of “Greatest of All Time,” let’s catch you up on current trends.

In the past few months, there’s been a surge of engagement for Instagram video content, and those numbers are only expected to rise. If you’re wondering why Instagram would take the leap into the video sphere, the stats speak volumes:

  • 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day.
  • More than 1 billion people are active on YouTube.
  • By 2021, mobile video is expected to account for 78% of mobile data traffic.

The FYI on Video for B2B

When it comes to creating social content for the trades, there’s a balance to find between educational and entertaining. Video can simplify this balancing act and further engage followers in your brand’s community.

The integration of Instagram video content for Huber Engineered Woods, a revolutionary creator of building solutions, organically developed as a result of follower questions about their products. The video series “Tech Tip Tuesdays” originated as a way to walk followers (many of whom are a part of the builder community) through product basics, frequently asked questions and general best practices for the different product lines. The Instagram Story series saw a steady incline in views over a one-year period. The first video garnered 475 views — eventually growing to a final series video resulting in more than 1,300 views.

In response to the high performance of Tech Tip Tuesday videos, Huber’s plan for weekly video content has morphed into the inclusion of motion in about 50% of their posts. There’s been overwhelmingly positive metrics with this change. A recent video post organically received over 30,000 views, nearly three times the number of Huber’s current followers.

How Instagram Video Applies to B2C

The same success found in the B2B sphere holds true for consumer-centric profiles. If your profile falls into this category, standing out among a sea of other stunning photographs can seem daunting. The reality is your brand’s profile is likely just one of the hundreds of accounts followed by a user. Motion can be the differentiator that causes a user to pause in a seemingly endless scroll through their feed. Instagram videos auto-play, so movement in a post immediately pulls the user into a dynamic visual experience.

TOTO, an innovative designer of bathroom fixtures, utilizes the platform to bring their faucets and toilets to life in spaces that look like home. From GIFs that highlight standout bathroom design features to simple yet impactful steam animations that portray the warmth and comfort of a bath after a long day, these dynamic visuals invite the consumer to explore the possibilities of featured products through visual intrigue.

What to Consider ASAP for Your IG Plan

In a rapidly paced social media sphere, Instagram TV is the new challenge on the horizon. The new app integration enables profiles to post full-screen videos up to an hour in length directly from the app. Instead of having to swipe up or click out of the app to view a video, Instagram TV streamlines the experience and easily allows users to switch between a profile and a “channel” that hosts longer videos.

For the first time on Instagram, there’s the ability to dive deeper into content that tells a brand story. When it comes to the home, it’s all about the details. With more time, there’s a new array of possibilities to elaborate and expand on preexisting concepts. Video tutorials can now offer in-depth content that positions brands as innovative thought leaders in the industry. Moreover, influencer partnerships further enhance the story with complete room tours, allowing the viewer to step inside and experience the feel of a space from corner to corner.

There’s not a finite formula for success on Instagram, but by making proactive changes to your social plan based on current social media trends and platform features, you can find new and rewarding ways to engage. Above all, listen to your audience and watch for opportunities to evolve your content from one trend to the next.

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