Sunbrella® Fabric Showtime Introductions Combine Tradition with Eclectic Details

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    December 11, 2014

Sunbrella® Fabric Showtime Introductions Combine Tradition with Eclectic Details

Client News

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics will continue to push the envelope in textile design during Showtime Fabric Fair this month with the introduction of fabrics with a wide array of textures, colors and designs both traditional and eclectic. From bright color combinations to elegant, handcrafted details, the newest Sunbrella fabrics represent the latest design innovations from the iconic brand in its journey from outdoor décor to high-end interior design.

“Texture is one of the overriding themes for our introductions,” said Greg Voorhis, design director for Glen Raven, Inc. “Customer interest in the use of texture continues to be very high as they seek to offer design solutions that are durable but have elements of craftwork and handmade details.”  

The new Sunbrella fabrics being introduced at Showtime are targeted to the residential market but are cross sold into the outdoor market as well, capturing a broad audience. The fabrics have concentrated elements of tradition but with a modern, sophisticated spin. Other elements of the collection are reminiscent of cottage inspiration with a look that is soft and relaxed.

“Our fabrics offerings are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs and stay one step ahead of the latest color and design trends,” Voorhis said. “Showtime gives us a unique opportunity twice a year to put some of our most inspired ideas on fabric for the entire industry to consider.”

Three featured style groups will be shown at Showtime – Adventure, Ahoy and Mist – and provide a wealth of inspirational fabric options sure to continue the growth of Sunbrella upholstery fabrics for indoor settings.


Adventure is focused on exotic atmospheres and the escape side of life and is tamed by sophisticated neutral tones. The main pattern in the offering is Interactive Ash, an intriguing interpretation that fuses together the look of animal skin and a tropical leaf design. The fabrics Cast Shale and Intuition Linenare textural neutrals that provide grounding for the fabric group.

A textured pinstripe, Shelby Sparrow, adds surface interest as does Sewell Sand, a grass cloth like pattern solidified in comforting neutrals. Hybrid Smoke rounds out the Adventure group with a boucle body cloth and subtle hint of color for the overall neutral offering.


The Ahoy group features vintage, nautical-inspired hues with eclectic twists as a selection if fabrics highlighting the leisure side of life. Lagoon Mandarin and Bevel Mandarin have a modern, geometric feel with a classic design and poppy colors. A stripe in unexpected colorations arises in bothStrickland Melon and Strickland Aqua.

The textured body cloths Hybrid Citrus and Hybrid Sky offer a range of color while Annex Lagoon is a modern take on a herringbone. Ahoy Seaglass, a surprisingly fresh nautical design and the asymmetrical stripe Runway Vintage brighten the collection with their updated jewel tones.

“Fabrics in the Ahoy group are centered on the duality of work and play and the influence of our favorite past times into our everyday lives,” Voorhis said. “The influences of classic sporting activities are obvious in this collection and are reinterpreted as fresh, bold fabrics that still honor tradition.” 


The Mist group is comprised of classic and traditional fabrics with a relaxed feel. Featuring a textured damask frame with a subtle hint of a soft, powder blue haze is Rialto Mist. The fabric is complemented by Tricot Moss, a soft and luxurious fabric resembling a chunky, knitted texture.

Cast Oasis and Cast Tinsel are heathered, textural plainweaves that complement and contrast with the other fabrics in the group.  The fabric Annex Mist is a casual update to a traditional herringbone whileCharlotte Seaspray brings a texture of its own with a subtle stria.

Fabrics displayed during Showtime are available to the manufacturing trade only. High resolution images are available in the Sunbrella Press Room.

About Sunbrella Fabrics

Introduced in 1961, Sunbrella revolutionized the way the world thinks about how beautiful fabrics look, feel and perform. The Sunbrella brand is the leading premium fabric choice for awning, marine and furniture manufacturers, offering legendary durability, fade resistance and ease of cleaning.

Upholstery fabrics from Sunbrella are continually advancing in design sophistication and comfort, resulting in applications both outside and inside the home for coordinated décor. Sunbrella fabrics have been certified by GreenGuard, an international standard, for contributing to indoor air quality.

Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured and marketed by Glen Raven, a 133-year-old family-owned company based in North Carolina with operations worldwide. For more information on the Sunbrella brand, including fabric resources, visit

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