Opening Our Doors, and New Doors, to Drive Change

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    Community, Inspiration

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    June 21, 2021

Opening Our Doors, and New Doors, to Drive Change

Community Inspiration

At Wray Ward, we believe in giving everything we’ve got to our work, our clients and our community — and we don’t take the last one lightly. After a difficult year that saw the effects of an unprecedented pandemic and the visible consequences of racism, we’re more determined than ever to use our talent and influence to drive change.

Doing What’s Right

That’s why we’re building on the agency’s long-standing commitment to doing what’s right. We must lean into and listen to each other. Embrace diverse backgrounds and views, voices and personalities. Enrich our culture, work and lives by celebrating our differences.

As racial tension gripped communities nationwide in 2020, Wray Ward expanded our dedication to diversity, taking a decisive stand with those who hope for and work toward justice, peace and healing. From supporting better listening, understanding and talking to intentionally increasing diversity within our agency family, we’re committed to using our individual and collective talent, voices and influence to drive change.

I can’t imagine a better way to bring that commitment to life than through a partnership with our fellow creatives at HUE HOUSE. A Black-owned creative agency led by three visionaries decolonizing the marketing and advertising industry, they’re also our neighbors.

These ambitious leaders created a hub where Black creatives and creative entrepreneurs can realize and reach their full potential. THE BLOCK, a HUE HOUSE event is an extension of this critical mission: a series of events to bring the community together in a safe space, where they can feel free to share ideas and resources.

Following months of a virtual-only format in the wake of COVID-19, THE BLOCK is back in person. Wray Ward is proud to support the series by opening our doors and our hearts to what HUE HOUSE co-owner David J. Butler calls “an opportunity to align and uplift creative voices.”

A Critical Conversation

Recently, THE BLOCK transformed Wray Ward’s Town Hall into the platform for an important conversation about how to create an Arts City, featuring creative leaders and arts advocates Cézanne Charles, Erin Salazar and Priya Sircar. Each shared valuable stories including:

  • How these leaders and advocates have catalyzed transformations in other cities

  • What it’s like for the creatives who live and work in those cities

  • How we can all work together to grow and sustain a strong cultural and creative ecosystem for Charlotte

Immediately following the panel discussion, we hosted THE BLOCK’s own Block Party in our on-site Studio, complete with food, music and continued conversation that only extended the evening’s inspirational vibe.

But the initial event was only the beginning, and that may be the best part. In the coming months, Wray Ward will lend its space, creative talent and expertise as we partner with HUE HOUSE to co-present HOW2 Skill Sessions — a series of three events in July, September and November. These sessions will cultivate meaningful relationships and share valuable industry experience and training while providing more equitable access to creative career opportunities in the Charlotte region.

We’re proud to work with our friends at HUE HOUSE and THE BLOCK to elevate our industry, within Charlotte and beyond.

The Next Stanza

Charlotte is already a rich landscape, rife with strong community partnerships, arts organizations and creative talent to rival the biggest markets.

But we can still do better. Because creativity demands that we hold nothing back. Creativity calls for us to support each other in speaking up and taking risks. It compels us to courageously contribute audacious, unedited, unconventional ideas. It feeds our fearlessness.

We’re honored to partner with our new friends at HUE HOUSE and everyone we met at THE BLOCK. Together, we’ll continue to open doors and create opportunities for all. Welcome home.

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