Kincaid Launches Innovative Website Features

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    January 19, 2014

Kincaid Launches Innovative Website Features

Client News

Kincaid, a furniture industry leader well known for its solid wood furniture, has launched innovative updates to its website at that allow customers in markets with a Kincaid Shoppe dealer to view pricing, in-store availability and location information online. The company is also launching an e-commerce program for customers living in select markets that do not have a dealer displaying Kincaid products.

“We want to help connect customers with local dealers and support customers in markets where there is not currently a viable way to purchase Kincaid furniture,” said Max Dyer, vice president of marketing for Kincaid.

Customers have historically been able to view Kincaid products and dealer locations on the website. Now, they will also have the opportunity to view specific pricing and availability for dealers that have a significant or dedicated Kincaid display, also known as a Kincaid Shoppe. If they are ready to buy or have questions, they are quickly directed to a local dealer, where they can work with a qualified sales associate. Customers can view pricing and in-store availability online for more than 100 Kincaid Shoppe locations.

Customers who do not live near a Kincaid dealer will benefit from the company’s new factory direct e-commerce concept. Kincaid is initially offering its e-commerce program in a total of 271 zip codes in three markets: Atlanta, Ga., Little Rock, Ark. and Louisville, Ky. Customers in the participating zip codes are able to view pricing and process orders online. Kincaid provides free, in-home delivery, and e-commerce customers can receive dedicated support by calling a toll-free number.

“Consumers in these markets know and trust the Kincaid brand,” said Dyer. “We experience strong website traffic in each of these areas, even though they don’t have a local Kincaid display. We’re bringing our e-commerce program to markets where buying in-store isn’t an option.”

The concept of selling furniture online is not new, but very few U.S. furniture manufacturers sell directly to consumers online. “Most domestic furniture manufacturers get their products to consumers via third-party retailers that sell the furniture in stores or online,” Dyer said.

The ability to view local pricing online and the launch of the e-commerce program are natural next steps in Kincaid’s commitment to innovative technology that enhances the customer experience. Kincaid Shoppe locations feature the company’s proprietary ShoppeLink™ touch-screen design and sales software. ShoppeLink supports kiosks as well as tablets, allowing sales staff to help customers view all Kincaid offerings while modifying upholstery and finishes with a touch on the screen. The system is customized to each retail location to provide instant price quotes based on the local store’s pricing programs.

“The Kincaid Shoppe experience provides retail salespeople with all of the tools they need to assist customers in a way that is totally customer focused and fun,” Dyer said. “Location-specific online pricing and e-commerce bring this experience to our customers at home.”

“We want to help our partners have a better understanding of how these programs fit into their business plan,” Dyer said. “We’re very excited about enhancing the customer experience and making solid wood, high-quality furniture available to more people while protecting the investment made by our dealers.”

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